Solving Cases Around London
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Learning about the Case

This storylet is a combination of Bronze-Bordered Opportunity Cards and options in locations around Fallen London. This storylet begins with the following Opportunity Card:


A letter on the doormat

Unlocks: Featuring in the Tales of the University 30
Another day, another breakfast. Another letter on the doormat, stuffed with possibilities.

Open it up

The handwriting is that of the Semi-semiotic Fellow. Perhaps you still have friends at the university.

Talking with the Solitary Glim-sculptor

This storylet continues in Spite.


Find the Glim-sculptor

Unlocks: solving cases around London 1
The Semi-semiotic Fellow's letter was rather vague about this unhappy jeweller. Spite is a big place.

Something about coral?

There's a wretched little shop between the local spider-den, and a pie shop that wouldn't tempt a starving rat. In place of a sign, someone has nailed a chunk of dead coral over the door. Is this it?


The Solitary Glim-sculptor has lost something

Unlocks: solving cases around London 2
'They took it', he says. Who they were and what they took isn't obvious.

Not used to visitors

You look expectantly at the Solitary Glim-sculptor. He looks back. Outside the shop, the Bone bells chime. Eventually you crack and ask him what they took.

Conducting your Investigation

Once you have agreed to take the case, the following Opportunity Cards will appear from time to time.


The glim trade

Unlocks: solving cases around London 3
The Solitary Glim-sculptor isn't wealthy, but his shop holds a considerable quantity of disturbing glim jewellery.

Work the glim angle

Perhaps this case is related to the glim trade. It's worth looking into.


Music at the Medusa's head

Unlocks: solving cases around London 3
The Solitary Glim-sculptor used to play his squeezebox at the Medusa's Head.

Down the pub

Unlocks: 50 x Greyfields 1879
Provide a few rounds and you might hear something useful.


The Solitary Glim-sculptor

Unlocks: solving cases around London 3
The Solitary Glim-sculptor is an odd sort of client. Perhaps you should look into the fellow a little.

A matter of privacy

No! The bond between consulting detective and client is sacred and unbreakable. You will respect your client's privacy.

Spy on your client

The Solitary Glim-sculptor is an odd cove, to say the least. Perhaps there's more here than is obvious.


The devils of Spite

Unlocks: solving cases around London 3
The Solitary Glim-sculptor saw devils around his shop when his beloved squeezebox was stolen.

Look into the matter

Unlocks: Connected: Hell 1
Devils haunt the margins of Spite, picking off souls here and there. Perhaps they'll talk to you.
(Watchful challenge.)

You've learned enough…

After solving cases around London reaches 5 the following story become available in all locations including the The Shuttered Palace.


The missing squeezebox

Unlocks: solving cases around London 5
The case is coming together. You're nearly there.

Lay it all out

You've done enough legwork. It's time to put the pieces together. If the Solitary Glim-sculptor had a parlour, you'd be calling the suspects into it.

available in Spite


Decide what to do

Unlocks: solving cases around London 6
You have deduced that the Ambitious Footpad stole the Solitary Glim-sculptor's squeezebox as a means to blackmail the sculptor into making something saleable. You have the squeezebox and the Footpad has been dealt with, but how should you approach your client?

Return the squeezebox for some glim

The fellow's shop is loaded with glim. He can hand some over, if he wants his squeezebox back.

Return the squeezebox for secrets

He's an interesting sort. You'll give him his squeezebox when he tells you a little more about himself.

Return the squeezebox without delay

Perhaps you're an upright sort. Perhaps you've grown fond of the Solitary Glim-sculptor. You're going to hand the squeezebox back with no mention of payment.

The gratitude of the Glim-sculptor

The following opportunity card will appear after you have solved the Glim-sculptors case.


A present from the Solitary Glim-sculptor

Unlocks: solving cases around London 7
The Solitary Glim-sculptor appears at your door with a little gift. How nice! But what is it?

A little package of his work

Glim carved into shapes that make the eyes bleed and the hair fall out. How lovely!

The key to Flute Street

It's the other half of the coral sculpture! The Solitary Glim-sculptor thinks that you are ready to see Flute Street.
[This opens the way to Flute Street. 20 storylets of the mysteries far below the Neath. What are the Rubbery Men up to down there? What else lurks in the darkness?]
boxsmall.png Requires 25 Fate

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