Connected: Society

Sometimes permitted to visit the houses of the wealthy.


1-9 — Acquainted
10-19 — Tolerated
20-49 — Permitted
50-99 — Welcomed
100-149 — Warmly Welcomed
150-299 — Toasted
300+ — Famed


Park and Palace: Society [Standard]

Riches, power, beauty, refinement…
Unlocked with the Darling of the Ambassador's Ball

Your Parabolan Panther wants to take you for a walk

She leads you along a well-to-do boulevard. The gas lamps are recently cleaned. Frost-moths flick around them like candle flames. A quiet park lies behind a row of cast iron railings.
parabolan_panthersmall.png [Unlocked with 1 x Parabolan Panther]
[This storylet will not cost you an action!]

An invitation to dinner

Would you care to spend the evening at the Chalkery home of Mr and Mrs B___? They're not what you'd call prominent, but they set a good table, and you'd be the guest of honour.
bohogirl3small.png [Unlocked with the Darling of the Ambassador's Ball]

Take port with the Veteran Privy Counsellor

Getting into the Privy Counsellor's club is almost impossible without a baronetcy. But if you can make the arrangements, this old warhorse of the Court knows everyone of station. This will improve your Persuasive.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 71]
salon3small.png [Unlocked with Connected: Society 40]

Jack's feeling posh

You're not sure who it is, but apparently someone rather important became Jack last week. Time to start digging.
jacksmall.png [Unlocked with The Jack-of-Smiles Case 1]
[This storylet will cost you 5 actions!]

Coffee and exclamation

The Bristling Financier has had enough. Visit him at Caligula's Coffee House and he'll tell you why.
clocksmall.png [Unlocked with Counting the Days no more than 13]
wineglasssmall.png [Unlocked when Closest To is: Society]
bagsmall.png [Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4]

Solving a case: ask your more refined contacts

They have both power and knowledge. But they prefer not to dirty their hands. This is slightly effective.
A matter of luck: the odds are strongly against you here.
salon3small.png [Unlocked with Connected: Society 3]
jigsawsmall.png [Unlocked when Engaged in a Case: is: the Other Wax-Work, the Crooked Bridge, the Copper Thumb, the Early Grave, the Man with the Mirrors, the Starving Poet, the Honey-Sipping Detective, or the Absconding Devil]

Rehabilitate a dynasty in disrepute

The Prim Baronet is keen to redeem his family's name, but no titled person of good repute will be seen visiting his bleak estate. Perhaps you could pull some strings? If you're not currently Closest To anyone else, this will make you Closest to Society.
baldmansmall.png [Unlocked with 5 x Favours in High Places]
bagsmall.png [Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4]
mercyhandsmall.png [Unlocked with Magnanimous 5]
wineglasssmall.png [Unlocked when Closest To is: none]
[This storylet will cost you 5 actions!]

Expose the Veteran Privy Counsellor's indiscretions

He's off again, holding forth on the "debased morality of the working classes…" This will sever your ties with society, allowing you to align with another group. Beware: You will lose all Connected: Society.
papers3small.png [Unlocked with 1 x Compromising Document]
bagsmall.png [Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4]
wineglasssmall.png [Unlocked when Closest To is: Society]
[This storylet will cost you 5 actions!]


Favours may be called in at the Shuttered Palace:


A boon from a Lady-in-Waiting

The cellars of the Shuttered Palace overflow. In some cases, literally. In some of those cases, wine. If you choose to ask a boon, some of it may be yours. You have earned a little present.
Unlocks: Connected: Society 15

Or at Court:


Call in favours at the Empress' Court

At the Court of the Traitor Empress, the great, the good, the perceptibly less good and the faintly misshapen all rub shoulders.

Exchange a considerable quantity of Connections for London Street Signs

'Hard times, my dear, hard times. I'm having to break up my collection. But you know, I've always liked you. Perhaps you can find a home for some of it?'
salon3small.png [Unlocked with Connected: Society 32]

One in exile at the Tomb Colonies can also use this connection to lower Scandal.

Opportunity cards unlocked with Connected: Society


Mixing with the toffs (Std)

That gang of wealthy young rakes is pretty drunk. They probably won’t notice if you mingle with them and partake of their hospitality.
   [Unlocked with Connected: Society 3]

Fitting in

You need a braying laugh, a raucous anecdote and a taste for wine. How hard can it be?

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (5% per point)

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