Social Actions

Interacting with Other Players in Echo Bazaar

There are some things you can do with (and to) other players in the game. These are called social actions. They aren't strictly necessary but your experience in Fallen London can be enhanced by choosing them.

How does this work?

First you need contacts. If you're connecting through social media, you may already have some. Otherwise, you'll need to add some names. Check out the My Friends tab. Don't have any names? Meet people at the official forums or check out Failbetter's list of Persons of Some Importance. The game will also suggest random players who are a similar level/location to you.

Making the connection

When you select a social action from a storylet or Opportunity Card, you will need to choose the other player's username from the drop-down menu that appears. It will usually cost 1 action to send the invitation and 1 action to accept an invitation. If the invitation is never accepted, you still lose the action.

Invitations you send and that others send you can be seen on the Messages tab. If an invitation is accepted, the resullts will appear underneath the Recently… heading on the Messages tab. (Results from invitations you accept will generally take a few seconds to appear in that space.) You can also cancel outstanding invitations from that tab.

You generally are only available for an invitation if you are in London proper and conceptually available to spend time with others. Thus, you cannot accept or be the target of interactions while traveling about at Zee, stalking marks in the crowds of Spite, imprisoned, dead, in disgraced exile, insane or in a similar state that limits your activity.

What kinds of things can we do?

Check out some of the options at your Lodgings for starters.

Inviting people to the game

A handful of branches also encourage you to invite others to play Fallen London. When these pop up, you can enter their email and send them a message. If they join, both players receive a small bonus.

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