Three-card Page Decoration

This is one of the larger code snippets.

Some of the pages on this wiki, ones typically introducing a type of Opportunity Card or a story arc invoked via Opportunity Cards, include a three-card decoration at the top of their page. Typically the two outer cards are "exceptional hat" card backs, like the back of the Opportunity Deck in the game, and the center one is appropriate to the story. Sometimes all three are replaced because there are multiple actors or because it is amusing (e.g. the rat army).

hat.png banana.png hat.png

How did you do that?

There is a new macro in the wiki that makes this much easier. This is all you need to include in the top of a page.

 [[include decoration:three-card 
   color1=white | image1=hat.png | 
   color2=white | image2=banana.png | 
   color3=white | image3=hat.png

There are two catches. One, if you cut and paste the code above, take out the leading space in front of the "[[include" line. The leading space is there so you can see this code example properly.

Second, you need to change the colors and images. (Unless you want to make a page about the Magic Banana.) The six parameters that follow alter the borders of the cards (color 1, 2 and 3) and the content of the cards (image1, 2 and 3). Refer to the Art Gallery to get the names of the images you want.

There are seven colors available for the cards based on Failbetter's new artwork. You should attempt to use the colored border that is appropriate to the storylets or story arc you are describing on the page. Paraphrasing Failbetter's explanation of the colors:

  • white - ordinary cards
  • bronze - a little special, typically continuing stories
  • silver - very special, like an Ambition or seasonal content
  • gold - exceptional, often a once only story (this used to be more common)
  • red - takes effect as soon as you click it (typically bad dreams)
  • purple - appears only occasionally
  • black - "not to be spoken of"

That's it!

Here is a more complicated example, followed by the code used to make it.

lordship.png jack.png mistersacks.png
 [[include decoration:three-card 
   color1=gold| image1=lordship.png | 
   color2=black| image2=jack.png | 
   color3=silver| image3=mistersacks.png

By the way, there's a Four Card macro, too…

bear.png fox.png cat.png owl.png
 [[include decoration:four-card 
   color1=white | image1=bear.png | 
   color2=white | image2=fox.png | 
   color3=white | image3=cat.png | 
   color4=white | image4=owl.png

Hey, I see another kind of decoration! (And it's ugly…)

Oh, you mean like this one?

hat.png banana.png hat.png

This was an earlier quick attempt to use a lot of code. The new macro makes it simpler for Wiki editors to use and uses the new Failbetter artwork. In some cases, the borders will look wrong, too, because the files have changed. Fix it, or let someone know and it will get fixed.

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