Sniffing Around The Parthenaeum
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This story begins with the following Opportunity Card.


Speaking Engagements

A Finger-Wagging Parliamentarian has been called to the colonies for some time. His government business is in hand, but could you step in for his speaking engagements? [Note: scandalous persons, or those well-connected among Revolutionaries, need not apply.]
Unlocks with A Person of Some Importance 1

Take on the engagements

Two philanthropic fund-raising affairs, a literary salon and what's this? After-dinner speaking at the Parthenaeum? The chance to address a dignified locus of Fallen London power? Things could be looking up!
Unlocks: Connected: Society 20
(Persuasive challenge)

It continues in the Bazaar Sidestreets


That most expensive of Envelopes

You have a note from the membership committee at the Parthenaeum. They would consider an application. [Note: you cannot join if you are a Member in Good Standing of another club. You can leave your current club via a storylet at your Lodgings.]
Unlocks with Sniffing Around The Parthenaeum 1

Perhaps somewhere a little cheaper

The membership fees are a little steep here.

Accept graciously

You can almost taste the port. You'll do more than taste it soon, if you are of an appropriate character.
unlocked with:
1 x Favours in High Places 250 x Inkling of Identity, 35 x Incendiary Gossip each
3 x Personal Recommendation 75 x Intriguing Gossip, 20 x Compromising Document each
3 x Book of Hidden Bodies 150 x Inkling of Identity, 20 x Incendiary Gossip each
Connected: Society 20

Opportunity Card(s)


A relaxed day at the Club

The Parthenaeum is so very civilised. Days pass in a pleasant haze. All it lacks is a few dusty sunbeams slanting from the skylight. Why would you ever go home?

Fall asleep in front of the fire

Well, pretend to fall asleep, and keep an ear out.

Have a little word with the Chief Constable

There's no need for that tedious business to go to court, is there?

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