Silk Scrap

Silk Scrap
There probably can't be that many spiders down here. Probably. Create this by using other Rag Trade items in your inventory.
Purchased for 2 pence, Sells for 1 penny

Using Silk Scrap

Sell off a few yards of silk

Off to Spite, where the rag markets open early.


Swap spiders-silk for surface-silk

The Marred Mercer is one of the few Spite market-men who will deal with outsiders. [This will always gain you Surface-Silk Scraps. There may be other effects.]
Unlocked with 100 x Silk Scrap


Swap a great deal of silk

'Now that's a good few bolts and no mistake. Right, surface-silk you say? Best sharpen me shears.' [This will always get you many Surface-Silk Scraps.]
Unlocked with 1000 x Silk Scrap

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