Things to do at the Shuttered Palace...

With no Persuasive requirement

These storylets are always available in The Shuttered Palace.



Spend a few days at Court

The softly beating heart of the Shuttered Palace is the Court itself…Only the favoured gain entry. How favoured are you? Note: the Court is suitable for those of Persuasive 85+.

A word from the Duchess

The Duchess can make the necessary introductions, if you're prepared to trade in favours. [Note: when you leave the Court and return, you'll have to trade further favours.]
Unlocked with Connected: The Duchess 10

A word from your friends at Court

Few are as highly connected as the Duchess, but with enough words in enough, er, correct ears, you should be able to gain entry.
[Note: when you leave the Court and return, you'll have to trade further favours.]
Unlocked with Connected: Society 20


An unusual competition

The Empress' ferocious chamberlain is holding a competition of sorts in one of the safer rose-gardens. If you can convince him a rose-petal is 'significant', you may be rewarded.

Offer your contribution

Those who fail to amuse the Chamberlain will be disgraced, flogged with rose-thorns and flung into the River. You may permanently lose Persuasive…
Unlocked with Persuasive 10
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Talk about something else

The Chamberlain is shy and wary around the soulless, but otherwise prone to reminiscence.
Unlocked with Spending Secrets 4, Counting the Days 10-11 , No more than 0 x Your very own Infernal Contract


Call in favours at the Shuttered Palace

The Shuttered Palace is always quiet but never empty. In its mirrored corridors echo the hushed voices of actresses, marquesses, bishops and Constables of exalted rank.

Call on your Bohemian friends to return a favour

A Soft-Voiced Dancer knows where to lay their hands on a substantial quantity of Prisoner's Honey - if you'll call in some favours for her…
bohogirl1small.png [Unlocked with Connected: Bohemian 15]

A boon from a Lady-in-Waiting

The cellars of the Shuttered Palace overflow. In some cases, literally. In some of those cases, wine. If you choose to ask a boon, some of it may be yours. You have earned a little present.
salon3small.png [Unlocked with Connected: Society 15]

A conversation with the Commissioner of Police

The Constables are always confiscating surface currency. Its legal status is ambiguous. Perhaps you could find a home for it, if you're prepared to trade in some favours.
coppersmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Constables 15]

An arrangement with the Vicar-General

There's been an accounting error in the matter of the Cathedral's store of foxfire candles. Don't concern yourself with the details. But perhaps you both could come to an arrangement.
clergysmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: The Church 15]

Curry favour with the Duchess

Persuasive ladies and gentlemen often find a place in the Duchess' salon, but she is picky about who she invites. Perhaps you can call in some favours.
salon3small.png [Unlocked with Connected: Society 9]


Mr Inch and the Duchess

Mr. Inch wishes you to murder the Duchess' cat-veterinarian in pursuit of some scheme of his.
Unlocked with Acquiring Exhibits for the Labyrinth of Tigers 3

Murdering the Veterinarian

The Duchess' veterinarian is proud of his Egyptian heritage and under no illusions as to the low opinion the cats of the Palace have of him. You have never seen an iron fez before. This might be difficult.
(Dangerous Challenge)


The valet

The Cheesemonger has asked you to bring one of the Ambassador's valets to her. Or kill him if he won't come. You find the valet polishing the Ambassador's cutlery in preparation for some party or another.
Unlocked with an agent of the Cheesemonger 11

Kill him if he won't come.

You are loyal to the Cheesemonger, in your way.

Abandon the task, and your employer,

You won't bloody your hands any further. This is the end for you and for the Cheesemonger.

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