Shaping Clay
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Once you are A Person of Some Importance, you may have the opportunity to notice incidents around Fallen London that can lead to greater things. Showing support to the Clay Men, can lead to your obtaining their assistance and a a unique mode of a Clay Sedan Chair. Possessing the sedan chair can lead to other opportunities.

A Gesture of Support

The story begins with an Opportunity Card.


Do They Drink Tea?

The tea shop is in a quiet side street. The owner is refusing to serve a pair of Clay Men their pot of tea and sponge cake.
Unlocked with: A Person of Some Importance 1

Side with the Clay Men.

Inform the owner that his prejudice is intolerable. You will patronise more humane establishments in future.

Do Nothing.

Enjoy your tea in clayless peace.

Familiar Clay Faces

The following gold storylet appears in the Bazaar Sidestreets when your Shaping Clay quality is 1.


Familiar Clay Faces

On the street, a tiny, red-faced chandler berates a pair of hulking Clay Men. Apparently they knocked over his display of chanterelle-scented candles. You've met these two before, in a tea shop. A crowd is beginning to form.
Unlocked with: Shaping Clay 1

Join the mob hounding them

A little exercise is just the thing.

Leave well alone

Life is too short to involve oneself in the problems of the lumpen.

Offer them a job

Travelling around London on foot is such trouble, and the old sedan chair is enjoying a fashionable resurgence. These two look strong enough. [This will gain you a Clay Sedan chair, a highly fashionable mode of transport].
Unlocks with: 7 x Strong-Backed Labour, 1 x Bazaar Permit, 100 x Foxfire Candle Stub

Opportunity Card

Once you have a Clay Sedan Chair, you will get the opportunity to use it from time to time.


A day out in your Clay Sedan Chair

You take a trip through the city, gently jostled by the trotting gait of your Clay bearers, George and Garfield. But where are you going?

Unlocked with: 1 x Clay Sedan Chair

For a little sport

It's a novel pastime, made popular by the Young Stags' Club. Your target has only their feet. You have a sedan chair and an umbrella. Can you bring them down before they reach Hood's Bridge? It is hard on your bearers, but what larks!

To make a point of treating them well

It is the obligation of an employer to treat employees with respect and kindness. You're going to teach George and Garfield reading and arithmetic, whether they like it or not.

To follow Jack's trail

A little ghoulish. But a popular London pastime nevertheless.
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)
Unlocked when Jack's Gone is Jack's Still About

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