Shadowy Cards

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These Opportunity Cards will not appear unless your Shadowy quality reaches a certain level. They generally challenge the Shadowy quality but some have options which test other Qualities. The links below will jump to the section of the page describing Cards which unlock at that level of Shadowy Quality.

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fangrose2small.png Cards that appear during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

Cards which unlock after 90


Don't you know her?

Yes, you know that one. She's up to her neck in the Great Game.
Unlocked with Shadowy 110, a fine piece in the Game 1

Where's she going?

She's watching out for a tail. That won't stop you, of course.
Unlocked with Connected: The Great Game 10
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 125)

Maybe she's in the market for some secrets.

When she rests for a moment on a bench, you join her.
Unlocked with 5 x Intriguing Gossip


Revisit the Theosophisticals

Madame Petrovsky has written a new pamphlet, Practical Pantheism. This presents several opportunities to make money.
[Unlocked with Shadowy 105]

Work the crowd

Madame Petrovsky is giving a talk based on her new book. Plenty of rich people who won't be paying attention to their purses.

_ Shadowy challenge

Steal a consignment

People will buy the pamphlets from you if they are a few pence cheaper.

_ Shadowy challenge

Make your own

Why risk stealing actual pamphlets when stealing names and ideas is so much easier?

_ Shadowy challenge

The Phantom of the Antimacassar [Standard]

You hear a lot of things from your contacts in the theatrical world, but this is a new one…
Unlocked with Shadowy 105

Take advantage

Use the rumour to cover up a little theft of your own.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge level 110 Broad difficulty

Spread the rumour

Theatre people love to believe this stuff. Why not use this to rob somewhere a little grander? Like the Imperial Opera House?

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge level 120 Broad difficulty

Become the Phantom!

Hide in plain sight to pull off a brilliant theft!

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge level 130 Broad difficulty

Reeducating Lyme [Standard]

Jasper and Frank would 'appreciate' it if you gave their nephew Lyme a little more 'schooling'.
Unlocked with Shadowy 105

Something simple

Practise some easy sleight of hand.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge Level 110 Broad

Nothing too complicated

How about some light espionage?

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge Level 120 Broad

A real challenge

Teach him to steal secrets from a cat.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge Level 130 Broad

Cards that appear during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose


Seasonal mischief

The Feast of the Exceptional Rose brings lovers together. It also brings opportunities for scheming and larceny… and for reviewing one's own romantic arrangements.
Unlocks: Shadowy 5

Disrupt an inconvenient romance

You have been offered a little reward, should you be able to hasten the demise of a certain ill-advised liaison…
(Persuasive Challenge)

Rid yourself of that irritating suitor

Someone won't leave you alone. Any charm they once had for you is quite, quite gone.
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)

Take advantage of others' distraction

They're busy gazing into each other's eyes. Serve them right if their pockets got picked.
(Shadowy challenge)

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