Stealth, subtlety, cunning


Shadowy is one of the 4 Main Qualities. It determines your sneakability and criminality. See Main Qualities for details about how Main Qualities work.


Shadowy Locations Spite
The Flit
Mahogany Hall
Other Shadowy opportunities
Ambition Quality Light Fingers (with Persuasive)
Second Chances blackglovesmall.png Hastily Scrawled Warning Note
demetersmall.png Anticandle
Associated Menace Suspicion

Modifying Shadowy

Your equipment can modify your Shadowy value. It does so additively (ie. a hat with +1 Shadowy will always increase your Shadowy by a full point.) — change points are ignored.

+7 Tanned Mask
+5 Sneak-Thief's Mask
+4 Gloam-Foam
+2 Mouthless Amber Mask, Revolting Disguise, Unobstrusive Bowlerhat
–1 Exceptional Hat, Extraordinary Hat
+6 Ratskin Suit
+4 Parabola-Linen Frock, Parabola-Linen Suit
+2 Black Felt Garments, Shabby Opera Cloak
+1 Anarchist's Sable, Neddy Suit
–1 Glad Rags, Maidservant's Uniform, Moderately Co-operative Clothes Colony
–2 Formidable Gown
+10 Lenguals
+8 Master Thief's Hands
+4 Cracksman's Mittens
+2 Cutpurse's Mittens
–1 Avid Glove, Insatiable Glove, Voracious Glove
+8 Poison-Tipped Umbrella
+7 Intricate Kifers
+4 Drownie Song of the Deep
+3 Kifers
+1 Forbidden Map-Fragment, Prison Shiv, Shepherd's Timepiece, Spirifer's Fork
–1 Ancient Hunting Rifle, Irresistible Drum, Sandalwood Club, Vake-Killing Club
–2 Bejewelled Cane
–4 Myriad Keys
+8 Hushed Spidersilk Slippers, Kingscale Boots
+6 Ratskin Boots
+5 Spidersilk Slippers
+2 Squeakless Boots
–1 Noise-Eaters, Vakeskin Boots
+8 Scuttering Squad
+7 Devious Raven Advisor
+6 Unscrupulous Raven Advisor
+5 Affable Spy, Devious Henchman
+4 Midnight Matriarch
+3 Ocular Toadbeast
+2 Alluring Accomplice, Bifurcated Owl, Grubby Urchin, Neurasthenic Assassin, Slavering Dream-Hound, Wary Raven Advisor
+1 Rubbery Conspirator
–2 Hysterical Monkey, Plated Seal
–3 Half-Wild Mandrake
–5 Hound of Heaven
–25 Talkative Rattus Faber
+1 Gang of Hoodlums
Constant Companion
+1 Academic Intriguer, Comfortable Intriguer, Devout Intriguer
+1 The Young Stags' Club

Items in green are not available at the Bazaar.

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