Shadows Of The Orphanage

A dark stain at the centre of Spite, encircled by a lightless labyrinth. A hospital? A prison? Or something worse? It is part of the Light Fingers Ambition storyline.

Opportunity Cards

There are only a maximum of 2 cards in your deck in this area, and also interesting there is no way to discard opportunity cards that you have drawn other than using them.


In the shadows of the Orphanage: she sells sea shells

A woman of indeterminate age sidles up to you, pointed nose twitching. 'My children are hungry. I need shells. Shells to sell. I'll be grateful. So grateful.'

Give her a little glim

Unlocks: 5 x Glim
There's something chitinous about it. It's the closest thing you have to shells.


In the shadows of the Orphanage: the Beggar

A slender youth stands shouting in a high, cracked voice. 'Tea! Where is the tea?'

Give the fellow something to buy a cup of tea

Unlocks: 4 x Jade
A little jade will buy you a handsome quantity of tea in Spite.


In the shadows of the Orphanage: the Audience

A plump woman in a stained apron is whistling, with a look of fierce concentration. Each time she breaks off, tutting. You half-recognise the tune.

Join in

Can you remember the rest of the song?



Ambition: Light Fingers! Navigating the labyrinth

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 38
You are somewhere inside the labyrinth that surrounds the Orphanage. The darkness here has peculiar properties: candles burn down to their stubs with unnatural speed. The path divides, and divides again. Which way now?

Option 1: Leave the Orphanage's labyrinth

A touch eery in here, one must admit. One is not averse to danger, but then again, perhaps one would be better prepared after a good meal with friends and a healthy snooze by a warm fireside.

Option 2: March fearlessly into the labyrinth

Unlocks: 50 x Foxfire Candle Stub, Persuasive 82
There are people in here with you. Well, they're probably people. It's hard to be sure - they keep to the edges of the candlelight. They have limbs and eyes, that much you can be sure of. Show them that you are unafraid!

Option 3: Embrace the shadows

Unlocks: 50 x Foxfire Candle Stub, Shadowy 89
Darkness is your business partner and silence is your closest friend. You have nothing to fear from this place.

Option 4: choose a path at random

Unlocks: 50 x Foxfire Candle Stub
What's the worst that could happen? Hmmm. Maybe one should not dwell on that. Look at it this way instead: what's the best that could happen?(A matter of luck: the odds are against you here.)


Ambition: Light Fingers! a Return to Spite

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 40
You know the way through the outer labyrinth now. You can leave and return later.

Follow the marks

With unsteady hand, you've carved a trail of marks into the walls of the labyrinth. Follow them home.


Ambition: Light Fingers! The Creature in the Labyrinth

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 40
Something is following you down these lightless alleyways. You are certain of it.

Sneak behind the beast

Unlocks: Shadowy 96
It should know better than to tangle with a master of the shadows.


Ambition: Light Fingers! The Blind Cartographer

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 41
You encountered a man in the labyrinth that surrounds the Orphanage. He claims to be a cartographer of prelapsarian London. He offers you sludgy tea and a slice of tart in a shack several storeys above the darkened streets.

Listen to the Cartographer

'You'll be lookin for the Orphanage I spose.' He measures a slice of lemon meringue tart with filthy fingers and waves it in your general direction. 'You want some free advice wiv yer pie?'


Ambition: Light Fingers! The Candle

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 42
You need an Everlasting Candle to penetrate the darkness around the Orphanage. The Blind Cartographer has one, but he won't part with it for nothing.

Help the Cartographer

Unlocks: 5 x London Street Sign
The Cartographer is making a map of London before the Fall - a highly illegal activity. Any old street signs you can procure will speed his work along.

Create your own Candle

Unlocks: a Scholar of the Correspondence 3, 30 x Foxfire Candle Stub
The Cartographer's candle is just an ordinary waxen cylinder inscribed with letters from the Correspondence. If one had the expertise, it would be a simple matter to replicate the symbols.

Steal the candle

Unlocks: Shadowy 103
Consider the facts: you are a master thief, and the Cartographer is blind. What could possibly go wrong?


Ambition: Light Fingers! The Orphanage

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 43
You have your Everlasting Candle. You have learned the ways of the Labyrinth in Spite, and its pitiful inhabitants shrink from your footsteps.

Through the Labyrinth

Unlocks: 1 x Everlasting Candle
Nothing stands between you and the Orphanage except your own resolve. Are you ready to make the journey?


Ambition: Light Fingers! - a way into the Orphanage

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 44
This storylet no longer exists—the plot continues!
Here is the Orphanage: tightly locked and shuttered. Surely a door will open soon.

Listen at a door

The street is brightly lit, but there's no-one here. No-one but you. What's inside?


Ambition: Light Fingers! - the Hulking Orderly

Unlocks: Ambition: Light Fingers! 44
How many months has it been? How many times have you returned to the Orphanage to find the doors and windows shuttered tight? Tonight, your patience is rewarded. An orderly of some kind - a vast and rotting hulk of a man, uniformed and masked - leaves the building by a side door. This is your chance.

Steal his uniform

Unlocks: Shadowy 110, chancy at 117
The Hulking Orderly lumbers through the labyrinth, carelessly scattering crumbs from a hot sausage pastry. When he falls, he'll fall like a hollow oak.

Bribe him

Unlocks: Persuasive 89, 500 x Rostygold
'My dear sir, I wonder what it would take to part you from your fine white uniform…'

The Silent Corridors of the Orphanage

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