Seeking Mr Eaten's Name

This page is extremely out of date since the Mr. Eaten revamp in 2013. Pretty much everything about the actual parts of the quest no longer apply

Seeking Mr Eaten's Name is one of the more intricate and compelling mysteries presented by Echo Bazaar. It's plump with menace and ripe with joyous consequence for the callow fool brave enough to pursue it. Previously, this page was an attempt to fully catalogue the quest, to serve as a guide and enticement to those interested in the Search, and to serve as an external memory for those of us whose minds have melted long ago due to Name exposure.

Failbetter Games, however, have requested that we take down the accumulated text of the Eaten storyline. Henceforth, this page will be an overview of the search, with a detailed guide of the specific steps and costs at the bottom, but will contain no spoilers for content.

TL;DR: FBG has asked us not to post content on this page anymore. This page is now a guide only, absent of content. Please keep it that way.

Seeking Mr Eaten's Name could once be begun in the Game of Knife and Candle on scoring a kill; however, it has been quite some time since the last reported Search started this way. Most begin the search with an unnatural hunger, finding themselves Unaccountably Peckish and with an unsatiable craving. This hunger follows them at night to their Recurring Dreams, as they dream of Death by Water and look north for answers. Some have been known to go insane if they dreamt too much and did not find the quest they sought, resetting their minds to try again.

Though blinding flashes of insight may happen anywhere, Nameseekers are drawn to the Forgotten Quarter, where chiseled Eaten secrets await those who are sufficiently Watchful to understand them.

Afterwards, paths diverge. Dangerous and intimidating individuals may find that Opportunities attend their pleasures in the gardens of the Shuttered Palace. Those who number the Masters among their friends and value that friendship little find opportunities to flaunt that contempt at the Wolfstack Docks. Those who are willing to lose friends, acquaintances, and connections find the Veilgarden to be of interest; magicians belovéd of the Glass discover dark secrets on Saturday nights.

And only then does the quest begin in earnest. Subsequent progress is halting and rare, and is accompanied by screams of pain, imprisonment, and poverty. The Northridden search in all areas of Fallen London, are seen in the company of spirifers and Starveling cats, and are found beaten to death and robbed of all their valuables.

One who would advance to this stage will be left a broken husk of a man (or woman or squid-thing). And still, the Name is not yet found.

A more detailed guide, with direct spoilers to levels and locations, albeit not to game content, is posted below.

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