Seeking Information about the Theosophistical Society

Investigations (Seeking…) into the the Theosophistical Society become available when you become sufficiently Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion and enter Mahogany Hall.

(You must be in Mahogany Hall to play these cards.)


A Theosophistical Enquiry

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10
A craze for Theosophistical Spiritualism is sweeping Fallen London. What is the attraction of Madame Petrovsky's Secret Dogma? You could attend a meeting and find out.

Get involved with the Theosophistical Society

Wonderful! At last, something of substance after all these tarot cards and rabbits in hats.

Anything but that

Religion and science? Are they quite serious? You would rather pass the evening watching mould spread across your drawing-room wall.


A Theosophistical Discussion

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 1
You've begun an acquaintance with the the noted spiritualist Madame Petrovsky. Now you're invited to join a discussion at Beatrice's Tea Parlour.

Listen with an open mind

Reserve judgement. You never know who else is listening, for one thing.

Remain sceptical

Who cares what manner of nonsense Madame may spout? At least there's free wine.


A Theosophistical Debate

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 3
Madame Petrovsky's salon is debating the separation of religion and science. The rich and curious will attend in droves.

Attend the salon

There's something rotten here, beneath the fine words and the elegant couture. Can you discover the truth?

Reject the invitation

You've heard more than enough of what they have to say.


A Theosophistical Development

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 5
Madame Petrovsky claims to teach spiritual happiness with her Theories of the Correspondence. For an exorbitant sum. You're helping at a class when a fight erupts over an epistemological question.

Break up the fight

It's not conducive to proper spirituality, is it?

Encourage the fight

Raised voices are a sign of lively and healthy debate.


A Geological Expedition

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 5
Madame Petrovsky asks you to lead a group of Theosophistical ladies to the Prickfinger Wastes, to see what you can find.

Is that a fossil?

Reach for it. It might shed some light on the very nature of the Neath!

Come prepared

It's dangerous out there. Better to smuggle along a fossil you 'found' earlier.


A Philosophical Commission

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 5
The Gazette has commissioned you to write a fierce attack on the latest developments in natural philosophy. A good opportunity to improve your reputation with the Theosophistical crowd, who mistrust 'rational' thought.

Draw a satirical cartoon

There's plenty of scope for mockery in this new-fangled idea that man 'descended from apes'.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 109)

Write an opinion piece

It's less conspicuous than a cartoon, but it's more respectable.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 112)

Intellectual indignation

Scientific arguments must be met and defeated in kind. You won't be party to this base fraud! Write a balanced article
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 115)


A Philosophical Excursion

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 5
The Theosophistical Society lecture series is proving popular. Now Madame Petrovsky's asked you to help escort the initiates on a field trip to the Observatory.

Take the class to Watchmaker's Hill

Try to keep the group together, and watch out for the marsh-wolves on the way.


A Philosophical Decision

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 9
The Theosophistical Society is charging a lot of money for lectures on the Correspondence. How do you feel about it now you've heard what it has to say?

There's definitely something in it

There are too many coincidences for it not to be a valuable field of study.

It's nothing but a confidence trick

People fall for it because they need answers, but they're being taken for fools.
(Persuasive challenge)


A Philosophical Profit

Unlocks: Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion 10, Seeking 10
It's evident that Madame Petrovsky's running an elaborate confidence trick. What will you do about it?

Get in on the scam

Tell Petrovsky you know what she's up to, and demand a cut.
(Persuasive challenge)

Expose the scam

The people deserve to know the truth!
(Persuasive challenge)

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