Seeing Through The Eyes Of Icarus

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You may find your sight drawn to bits and pieces of amazement while exploring various stories and opportunities around Fallen London.


Devices and desires

Mechanical toys, timepieces, little wheels and cogs; gears within gears. The craftspeople - and craftsrats - of London are capable of wondrous and intricate artistry. But is that all that they produce? You can gain Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus while doing a multitude of other things. It will gradually open stories on this card.
[Unlocked with Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus 1]

Bits and pieces

The nooks and crannies of London's playrooms and storerooms are scattered with brass detritus. It gets everywhere. Here, look; a little pile of wheels and cogs.

_ Shadowy challenge
diamondsmall.png [Unlocked when A Person of Some Importance is: Not yet a Person of Importance]

Dusty boxes

Someone's been clearing out their attic. A stack of trunks and boxes teeters, temptingly, on the street.

The trade in clocks

Most clocks and watches have foreign hallmarks, but not all. What of the Neath's own tradition of clock-making?

Devices at the Bazaar

Clocks and toys are not the only machines available in the Neath. What about the gloves, hats and weapons that anyone can buy at the Bazaar?
Unlocked with Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus 10, Playing with Broken Toys 8

The Albino Rat

Perhaps you've heard of her?
Unlocked with: 1 x Talkative Rattus Faber, Seeking the Meaning of the Plaster Face 1, Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus 15, Playing with Broken Toys 9

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