Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief

Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief

Storylets for the Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief Venture are all found in Veilgarden.

You will need to raise your Fascinating… quality to advance the Venture. When your Fascinating… reaches 5, storylets appear to complete the Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief Venture.

You currently cannot experience this Venture more than once.

Levels of this Venture are not currently named.

Pursue the jewel-thief


Become better acquainted with a charming young jewel-thief

Well he says he's a jewel-thief, but people say those sorts of things in honey-dens.
Unlocked with Persuasive 18

Begin your pursuit

A jewel-thief probably gives excellent presents…and you imagine he'd be pleasant company, besides.

[You'll need to build up a Fascinating… quality to at least 5 to complete this. ]


Become better acquainted with a charming young jewel-thief

Your project advances.
Unlocks with Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief 1

A straightforward approach… Persuade him to share honey with you

The best place to advance your suit is certainly in a shared dream.
(Persuasive challenge, persuasive at 26)

This might be faster… Arrange matters so you meet in a honey-dream.

If you can determine which dreams she tends to visit, you may be able to meet her there.
(Watchful challenge, straightforward at 23)


Become better acquainted with a charming young jewel-thief: the resolution!

Matters are approaching a satisfactory conclusion.
Unlocks with Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief 1, Fascinating… 5

Commence an affair with the jewel-thief

You're looking forward to this.
(Fascinating… challenge, low-risk at 6)

Commence an affair with the jewel-thief. Unexpectedly declare undying love, and possibly propose marriage.

You may not be entirely sincere. [Warning: failing here may mean you have to start over!]

Continue your affair


Share another dream with the charming young jewel-thief

You have seduced him already, but it would be pleasant to continue the dalliance…
Unlocks: Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief 2

A dream of betrayal

Actually, you'd prefer to get rid of him. Take him to a dangerous dream. A dream of smugglers and pistols and desperation. That should do the trick.

A place of jewels

He'll appreciate this. It's a glittering tower, built from gemstones that flash a thousand colours in the sunlight. Offer him a sip of honey, take his hand and lead
(Persuasive challenge)

A garden at twilight

Take him to a dream of a secluded garden at the enchanted hour of sunset.
(Persuasive challenge, low-risk at 26)


Meet the charming young jewel-thief in this realm?

Are you ready to take your relationship beyond the romantic borders of honey-dreams?
Unlocks: Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief 4

Do not risk it

Perhaps it would be unwise to change things. Perhaps your friendship is only meant for dreams, and would not stand up to the harshness of reality.

Act as his accomplice

The young man long ago frittered away his inheritance. He turned to theft to finance his penchant for honey. Go with him on a job and discover how you get on with him.
(Shadowy challenge, straightforward at 24)

Take him to tea

A quiet afternoon at Beatrice's Tea Parlour will give you a chance to talk.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 28)


Prisoner's honey and the jewel-thief

You have long known about his weakness for prisoner's honey. Perhaps you have already made use of the fact. But now you must decide - does he need help?
Unlocks: Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief 5

Do nothing

His predilections are his own affair. Who are you to try to change him?

Confiscate his honey

Prisoner's honey is a wonderful substance, but your friend is risking too much in his pursuit of it. Sometimes, the kindest thing to do is also the hardest.
(Persuasive challenge, low-risk at 26)

Discuss the matter

Have a sober talk with him. Let him know you are willing to help if he needs you.
(Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 26)


Make a decision about the charming young jewel-thief

Perhaps the time has come to decide where this dalliance is going?
chap2small.png [Unlocked with: Seduction: Honey-sipping jewel-thief 6]

Continue the affair

He has his faults, but you are much too fond of him to let him go.

Leave him because of his honey-habit

Tell him that honey-dreams are more important to him than you are. Tell him you fear he will end up honey-mazed and you cannot bear to see it.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  

Leave him - after taking what you can

It's time to end the affair. And it would simply be wrong not to take advantage of his habits and help yourself to a share of his latest haul while he's otherwise occupied.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  

Next steps…

Further encounters with the Honey-sipping jewel-thief may become available with Opportunity cards.

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