Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress

Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress

Actions for the Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress Venture are all found in Veilgarden.

You will need to raise your Fascinating… quality to advance the Venture. When your Fascinating… reaches 5, actions appear to complete the Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress Venture.

You currently cannot experience this Venture more than once.

Descriptors for levels in this venture:

  1. -
  2. - Dreaming with an Heiress
  3. - Days of Honey and Roses
  4. - Days of Honey and Roses
  5. -
  6. - Days of Honey and Roses
  7. - A Fading Allure?

Pursue the heiress


Become better acquainted with a charming young heiress

If her guardian knew she was coming down here…
Unlocks: Persuasive 18

Begin your pursuit

Most of the money is locked away in a trust, but even her allowance is quite substantial…and you imagine she'd be pleasant company, besides.

[You'll need to build up a Fascinating… quality to at least 5 to complete this. ]


Become better acquainted with a charming young heiress

Your project advances.
Unlocks with Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress 1

A straightforward approach… Persuade her to share honey with you

The best place to advance your suit is certainly in a shared dream.
(Persuasive challenge)

This might be faster… Arrange matters so you meet in a honey-dream.

If you can determine which dreams she tends to visit, you may be able to meet her there.
(Watchful challenge)


Become better acquainted with a charming young heiress: the resolution!

Matters are approaching a satisfactory conclusion.
Unlocks with Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress 1, Fascinating… 5

You're looking forward to this.

(Fascinating… challenge, low-risk at 5)

Continue your affair


Share another dream with the honey-sipping heiress

Unlocks: Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress 2
Why not invite her to dream with you again? Just to see what happens?

Pursue her no further

No. There are good reasons not to get too involved with this young lady. Her social status. Her fickle nature. Her tendency to over-indulge in honey and wine and other vices. Bid her farewell.

A taste of danger

The lady lives a sheltered life, lacking in incident; this perhaps explains her fondness for escaping into honey-dreams. Take her to a dream with the spice of real danger.
(Persuasive challenge)

Indulge her

The lady has a taste for luxury; you should take her to a dream that surpasses even her expectations.
(Persuasive challenge)


Meet the honey-sipping heiress in this realm?

Unlocks: Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress 3
You dream together, but little else. Would you like to experience something of her life in the real world?

No, let things stay as they are

Why risk discovering that your fondness for honey is all that binds you? Why not simply continue to enjoy what you have?

Accompany the lady to a society party

The life of the heiress has its advantages. Your friend lives at the centre of a constant whirl of extravagant entertainment. But will you be accepted?
(Persuasive challenge)


Show the honey-sipping heiress something of your world

She is keen to experience the seamier side of life in Fallen London.
Unlocks: Seduction: Honey-sipping heiress 4

Take her to a tavern

A seedy, disreputable tavern. That should help sate her appetite for danger as well as bring you closer together.
(Persuasive challenge)

Take her thieving

There is nothing like the excitement of criminal activity. The pounding heart, the fluttering stomach - something that feels so much like the first flush of love can only help romance along.


She may think she wishes to see how the less privileged live, but that's only because she doesn't understand anything about it. Protect her from the worst of it.
(Persuasive challenge)

Next steps…

Further encounters with the Honey-sipping heiress may become available with Opportunity cards.

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