Seduction: Artist

Seduction: Artist

Actions for the Seduction: Artist Venture are all found in Veilgarden.

You will need to raise your Fascinating… quality to advance the Venture. When your Fascinating… reaches 5, actions appear to advance your Seduction: Artist Venture.

You cannot begin seducing both the Struggling Artist and the Struggling Artist's Model at the same time.

Levels of this Venture are not currently named.

Decide to Delight Him


Seduce a Struggling Artist

This chap has, they say, picked up a number of secrets from his commissions - but he won't share them with just anyone.

[You'll need to build up a Fascinating… quality to at least 5 to complete this. ]
Unlocks: Persuasive 9

Fascinate him…

Delight and tantalise the Struggling Artist enough that he might tell you his secrets.

Pursue Him


Seduce a Struggling Artist

Your plan progresses.

[You'll need to build up a Fascinating… quality to at least 5 to complete this. ]
Unlocks: Seduction: Artist 1

A low-key approach. Wherever his gaze happens to fall…make sure you're there, ready to be noticed.

You might make your intentions a little obvious…but by then it may be too late.
(Persuasive challenge)

Enough messing about. Discover his weaknesses!

Learn the territory you intend to conquer.
(Watchful challenge)



Seduce a Struggling Artist: a night to remember?

Time to close the deal.

Drop hints and wait to be invited back to his studio.

It's damnably difficult to get him on his own.
(Fascinating… challenge)

Turn up shivering and desperate at his studio one midnight. Bang on his door and beg shelter.

You have an elaborate story ready involving theft, eviction, and persecution by mysterious strangers. If he lets you stay over, you're certain you have him. (Fascinating… test.)

Will you Continue the Affair?

You can choose to continue with your seduction of the Artist at this point, once you have become an Admirer of Art, or you may choose to seduce the Artist's Model instead.


Seduction: Artist - Continue your affair with the Struggling Artist

You've begun a rather promising relationship with this young man. Will you continue to pursue him?
Unlocks: Seduction: Artist 2, an Admirer of Art 1

Yes. He's still useful

He tends to be a little vague, but this should work in your favour when it comes to using your acquaintance.

Yes. He's delightful

What do they take you for? Of course you're falling for him. To pursue him for any other reason would be unthinkable.

On second thoughts… no.

A forgetful artist who lives in a garret and leaves oily fingerprints everywhere? No. You'll set your sights higher than that.


Make use of the Struggling Artist

Make use of the Struggling Artist
The gentleman can be absent-minded, but he definitely has more secrets. Find a way to get to them while you continue your pursuit.
Unlocks: Seduction: Artist 3

Look for evidence

Try to snatch a moment alone with his journals. Who knows what he may have written down?
(Watchful challenge; modest at 12, low-risk at 13)

Try a little eavesdropping

Offer to take him out for tea, but arrive at his lodgings early. You never know who else you might see.
(Watchful challenge; chancy at 12)


Seduction: Artist - Convince the Struggling Artist of your love

The gentleman moves in complicated and intense social circles, and is much in demand. You must persuade him your intentions are serious.
Unlocks: Seduction: Artist 4

Impress him

Appeal to the young man's artistic soul with a beautiful gift.
Unlocks: Seduction: Artist 4, Rostygold 5

An End to the Affair


Seduction: Artist - End your affair with the Struggling Artist

It has been delightful, but he's become awfully clingy. The constant letters and visits are getting tiresome, and he no longer even keeps up with society gossip. It is time to let him go.
Unlocks: Seduction: Artist 5

Let him down gently

Explain to him, as kindly as you can, that the attraction has faded.

Be cruel to be kind

No point mincing your words or wasting your time. Send him a letter making your feelings clear.

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