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A touch of Scandal is harmless, even intriguing and expected, as faux pas seem to be everywhere. But don't let it get out of hand. If it reaches 8, something bad may happen.

Levels in Scandal

  1. Suspect
  2. Sinful
  3. Brazen
  4. Shocking
  5. Outrageous
  6. Shameless
  7. Debauched

Why does everyone seem to be talking about me?

Scandal increases when failing a high-level Persuasive storylet or Opportunity Card. You may also happen to make a choice which is successful, yet perceived as scandalous by the rest of Fallen London. Also, some clothes and accessories may be so risque that just wearing them sends clear signals about your moral rectitude.

What happens if my Scandal gets too high?

If your Scandal quality reaches 3, the following storylet appears in your Lodgings, that gives you a chance to reduce your Scandal.


Attend a Church Service

You may find your Scandal reduced a little.

Prayerful dedication

An honest change of heart? Or just the tribute paid by vice to virtue?
(A matter of luck: pretty good odds.)

If your Scandal quality reaches 8, you will be sent to exile in the Tomb-Colonies. When you do this you will also lose any Opportunity Cards you have in your slots. While in exile, you can reduce your Scandal, but at some cost to you.

A maelstrom of scandal!

The stories told of your exploits have become too shocking, even for the nocturnal tastes of Fallen London. Your lodgings are daily besieged by journalists, Constables, and clergymen. Young ladies and gentlemen are lining up to claim that you have depraved and despoiled them. Certain other ladies and gentlemen are complaining bitterly because you haven't depraved and despoiled them. Your only recourse is to flee to a place where these things are considered unimportant, and wait for the scandal to subside.

There's only one place down here like that.

[When your Scandal is 0, you'll be able to return to Fallen London.]
scandalsmall.png You've moved to a new area: disgraced exile in the Tomb-Colonies

Reducing Scandal

There are several ways to reduce your Scandal quality before you have no choice but exile.





Opportunity Cards

  • Use the boxed cat opportunity card to reduce scandal
  • An Afternoon of Good Deeds(?) opportunity card


  • Pay the wry functionary to remove some scandal

From your lodgings, you may:

  • Ask a friend to a nice dinner to try to clear your name.
  • Ask a friend to a nice dinner to try to clear your name. Then viciously turn it against them, passing some of your Scandal to them.

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