Things to do in Spite...

If you have Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer

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Visit your acquaintance, the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer

She's generally good for a glass of gin and some shrewd conversation.
Unlocks: Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 1

The Sardonic Music-Hall Singer acquaintance can be acquired through the Missing Person: Absconding Devil Venture in Ladybones Road, through the Bag a Legend Ambition or through An Old Acquaintance Persuasive card . A number of other storylets and Opportunity Cards also have options that are available with this acquaintance.


Drop in for a chat

The fire is glowing, the room is warm, the wind rattles the tiles, bats beat against the window like flakes of soot. Cosy.


End your acquaintance

Something about this friendship doesn't sit right with you. Or perhaps you're just too busy.


Advance your friendship to a condition of intimacy

You have both been exchanging some significant glances of late. But who knows what havoc it might wreak if you changed the rules of your acquaintance?
Unlocked: Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 5
(Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer challenge; high-risk at 6, modest at 10)


'Borrow' a substantial sum of moon-pearls

More fool her if she trusts you…
Unlocked: Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 5, Persuasive 35
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 42)

Go with her to a gambling-house

unlocked with Spending Secrets 4 and Counting the Days 10 Get this through opportunities featuring the Numinatrix

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