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Study the secrets of Fallen London.

Fallen London is a city of secrets. If you're here to find them, Ladybones Road is the place to start.

Decipher graffiti

Visitors from Hell come through here. Some of the scrawlings are bizarre, terrifying or very, very funny. Some hold valuable secrets.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (Straightforward at 2)

Listen to gossip at Hangman's Arch

Old women sell sugared mushrooms between executions at Hangman's Arch. They know a surprising amount about what goes on in the city.

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (0-5 range)

The Last Constable?

You keep hearing stories of a Constable who isn't like the others… a woman who works alone. What secrets does she know? Perhaps you could set up a meeting.
   [Unlocked with no more than 0 x A Rendezvous with the Cheery Man]
   [Unlocked with Family and Law no more than 0]
   [Unlocked with no more than 0 x A Rendezvous with the Last Constable]


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