Rules for posting

We've been lucky enough to operate with Failbetter's blessing, but there are reasonable conditions to which we agreed to adhere in order to remain operating in good faith. Failbetter has created a marvelous game and world and we want to respect their creativity in keeping this wiki as a homage to the game and not an outright copy. See this post for Failbetter's take on Fair Use.

1. When adding content, root events, branches, results, etc., it must be limited to the teaser currently displayed by the clientside code AND/OR a summary of the content. A summary rather than a teaser is strongly preferred. Failbetter Games does not give permission to copy and paste Fallen London content of longer than the ~250 character or so teaser into the wiki. If anyone copies material past the limit, it will be considered a breach of copyright and FBG may have to react accordingly. When in doubt, use a snippet and/or a summary.

It is often easiest to simply remove or truncate the text. (Example: "You find that the barrel is filled with bananas. And, for some reason they're all coloured blue. Strangely, they also smell of….") There is an argument to be made that the complete text deserves to be seen in the game and that the wiki should only give a teaser to it.

However, there are often longish pieces of text that have important information relevant to gameplay, and arguably should be noted, and abridging the text may be more appropriate. (Example: "You find that the barell is filled with bananas. You reach for one and… A matter of luck. It could go badly for you.")

Another approach to abridging the text is where a long piece of prose is present and a few important pieces occur in it. This can be difficult and one could carefully elide text to both keep the text under 250 characters and capture an important piece of information. (Example: "You find that the barrel is filled with bananas…. You ignore the strangely-coloured fruit and, at the bottom of the barrel, you find the monkey's paw!")

A better approach, which avoids questions of inappropriate use, is to write one's own summary of the result. (Example: "Summary: The barrel is filled with blue, hyacinth-scented bananas. But, the item you are searching for is inside!")

2. It will be considered "fair use" to detail quality changes and to list and detail qualities and miscellaneous text, including sidebars.

For example:

monkeysmall.png Gain: 1 x Preserved Monkey's Paw
bananasmall.png An occurrence! Your Oddly Banana Scented Quality is now 1!
sidebarnightmaressmall.png Nightmares increase 3 cp

3. Every page in the wiki should carry: a copyright notice ("All images and content are © Failbetter Games 2010-[current year].") and a link to this page.

Note that unless you are doing something special, creating pages in this wiki will include a standard template that has this copyright notice. (Like the one just below this text.) See the discussion of the copyright notice for more information.

Fallen London is © 2010-2016 and ™ Failbetter Games Limited: This is an unofficial fan work.
Read the Rules for Posting before adding content to this wiki.

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