Rubbery Men

Connection: The Rubbery Men

The Rubbery Men twitch their tentacles when they see you, and make a sound like water over stones.


1-9 — …what did it say?
10-19 — -threrrithree-
20-49 — -othatharooth-
50-99 — !kathakathoti!
150-200+ — Amberine!


Favours can be called in at: the Forgotten Quarter.


A curious knot

A Rubbery Man waits here, his face-tentacles contorted into a peculiar tangle. Is he praying? Thinking? Chewing? In any case, you can trade favours for amber.

Unlocks: Connected: Rubbery Men 15

Who are the Rubbery Men?

The Rubbery Men are the ones who resemble squids, a little. They trade deep amber for the tiny blind fish that they eat, and for human music. They seem sad, anxious and very polite. But they are terribly menacing. Faces like squid! Occasionally one is stoned to death in an episode of civic high spirits.
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