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Travel across Fallen London can be fiendishly difficult.

A Route is a Quality that shows that you have discovered a regular path to another location in Fallen London. Finding another location will reveal new opportunities and stories.

There are some Opportunity cards that allow you to temporarily visit the places listed here. There are also other places that you can find yourself in unexpectedly if, for example, your Suspicion, Scandal or another Menace get too high.

A Route is a location in the city that you (more or less) willingly want to go explore and can do so at will.

Routes found from your Lodgings

As you increase your qualities and accumulate goods, more areas of Fallen London will open to you. In your Lodgings you can find ways to other parts of this city.


Route: Wolfstack Docks
You have the permits necessary to visit the Docks.

Unlocked with Dangerous 50, 500 x Glim, 200 x Surface Currency

(Wolfstack Docks is most interesting for those who have Dangerous 60+.)


Route: The Shuttered Palace
You've gained entrance to the Shuttered Palace.

Unlocked with Persuasive 50, 400 x Greyfields 1882, 1000 x Greyfields 1879

(The Shuttered Palace is most interesting for those who have Persuasive 60+.)


Route: The Flit
You know the ways up to the Flit.

Unlocked with Shadowy 50
Also Unlocked with 1200 x Moon-pearl

(The Flit is most interesting for those who have Shadowy 60+.)


Route: The Forgotten Quarter
A way has opened for you to the Forgotten Quarter.

Unlocked with Watchful 50, 1 x London Street Sign
(Also opens with the Heart's Desire Ambition.)

(The Forgotten Quarter is most interesting for those who have Watchful 60+.)


Route: the Labyrinth of Tigers
You have a season pass to the notorious Labyrinth of Tigers.

Unlocked with Dangerous 80, 5000 x Rat on a String

(The Labyrinth of Tigers is most interesting for those who have Dangerous 85+.)


Route: The University
You've gained entry to the University.

Unlocked with Watchful 80, Unlocked with 1000 x Moon-pearl, 1000 x Jade Fragment
Also Unlocks with a Scholar of the Correspondence 1)

(The University is most interesting for those who have Watchful 80+.)


Route: Mahogany Hall
You know the ways through the twisting streets to Mahogany Hall.

Unlocked with Persuasive 80, 20 x Lucky Weasel, 10 x Reprehensible Lizard, 1000 x Silk Scrap, 10 x Sulky Bat, 10 x Ridiculous Hat, 10 x Talkative Rattus Faber, 1 x Magician's Gloves , 1000 x Whispered Secret

(Mahogany Hall is most interesting for those who have Persuasive and Shadowy 80+.)

Routes opened as a result of Actions or Stories

Some Routes are discovered only as a part of completing or working through a story arc.


Route: Bazaar Sidestreets
Your Shaper's Pass allows you to visit the work areas in the Bazaar Sidestreets.

Unlocked with A Person of Some Little Consequence 10

(The Bazaar Sidestreets can be used to fill new Inventory slots.)


Route: Wilmot's End

Unlocked with Shadowy 110, a fine piece in the Game 1

(Obtained via an Opportunity Card)

Routes opened by using Fate


Routes that open up by using Fate may only be listed here.

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