Revolutionary Firebrand
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A mysterious, intriguing and very reserved gentleman. What are his plans?


The Revolutionary Firebrand

Unlocks: Connected: Revolutionaries 5

Approach him

Persuasive challenge. Almost impossible at Persuasive 25, modest at Persuasive 31.

Play him at his own game


The Revolutionary Firebrand's Card

[Unlocked with Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 1]

Send your own card by return

_ Persuasive challenge

Do nothing

_ Persuasive challenge

Debating with the Revolutionary Firebrand

The mysterious gentleman pays you a call. He does not stay long and he talks only of politics. But he mentions a debate in a room above The Medusa's Head later this week. Was that an invitation? Perhaps you should go.
[Unlocked with Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 5]

Start an argument with him

At this kind of salon, there is a social obligation - he can't reasonably decline.

_ Persuasive challenge

Break through the Revolutionary Firebrand's Reserve

Unlocks: Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 5

Suggest a walk in Tyrant's Gardens

Dinner in Spite


Appeal to the Revolutionary Firebrand's chivalry

Unlocks: Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 6

'Sprain' your ankle

(Persuasive challenge)

Feign emotional upset

(Persuasive challenge)


Revolution and the Firebrand

Unlocks: Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 7

Invite him to your Lodgings

(Persuasive challenge)

Engineer an invitation to his lodgings

(Persuasive challenge)

Ask a Revolutionary to recommend you

Unlocks: Connected: Revolutionaries 5
(Connected: Revolutionaries challenge; modest at 8)

Your deeds will speak for themselves

Unlocks: Plotting against the Masters 2


Plumb the Firebrand's Secrets

He has talked in grand terms about his plans…
Unlocks: Intimate with a Revolutionary Firebrand 9

Allow him to play the hero

A tear or two, a sigh….
(Persuasive challenge)

Volunteer for a part in his plans

Do you intend to betray him, or do you support his cause? …
(Dangerous challenge)

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