Revenge On A Faithless Rake

Revenge on a Faithless Rake is a storylet gotten from New Newgate Prison


Tracking down the Faithless Rake (This was in spite for me)

The Betrayed Lover in the prison asked you to enact her revenge on the Faithless Rake that wronged her…
Unlocks: Commissioned to Enact Love's Revenge 1


Give up on this

Your promise to the Betrayed Lover in the prison meant nothing to you.

Where is the Rake?

She told you he lodges in Spite somewhere. The question is where - Spite is a big place.
Shadowy challenge


Dealing with the Faithless Rake

You have caught up with the Faithless Rake on a bat-haunted rooftop. He knows why you are here. Dejected and tired of running, he explains how the Betrayed Lover was blackmailing him to steal jewellery. He claims to have had a little peace with her in prison.
Unlocks: Commissioned to Enact Love's Revenge 2


Murder him

The Betrayed Lover will be avenged!

Extort money from him

You don't much care for the truth of the situation when there's money to be made.

Leave him be

He could be telling the truth.

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