Your possessions and associates show you're someone to be respected.


Along with Dreaded and Bizarre, these quality is obtained by objects, pets, consorts, etc.

How to get more Respectable:


Purchasable at the Bazaar:

gowngreysmall.png Respectable Grey Gown +1 Respectable
coatblacksmall.png Dignified Tailcoat +1 Respectable
suitmorningsmall.png Morning Suit +1 Respectable
dressgreysmall.png Formidable Gown +1 Respectable
gowngreensmall.png Elegant Emerald Gown +1 Respectable
blacksuitbluebacksmall.png Distinguished Gentleman's Outfit +1 Respectable
blackcoatbluebacksmall.png Immaculate Frock Coat +1 Respectable
gownbluesmall.png Magnificent Midnight-Blue Evening Gown +1 Respectable
suitwhitesmall.png Sumptuous Dandy's Outfit +1 Respectable
gownivorysmall.png Exquisite Ivory Gown +1 Respectable


From the Numismatrix storyline at your lodgings

violinsmall.pngConsonant Violin +1 Respectable


Obtained from a rare opportunity card:

weaselwhitesmall.png Salt Weasel +1 Respectable

Obtained in A Clandestine Rendezvous At Watchmaker's Hill:

tortoisesmall.png Partisan Messenger Tortoise +1 Respectable
beetlesmall.png Tell-Tale Beetle +1 Respectable
slugsmall.png Racing Slug of Fine Pedigree +1 Respectable
ravensmall.png Taciturn Mynah +1 Respectable


Obtained with the Making Friends among God's Editors storylet:

bluestockingsmall.png God's Editors +4 Respectable


Obtained with the Having Transportation Difficulties storylet:

landausmall.png Respectable Landau +2 Respectable

As a fate-locked continuation to the Velocipede Squad storylet:
chariotratsmall.png Ratwork Velocipede +2 Respectable, +2 Dreaded


Obtained by Acquiring A Ship:

shipbigsmall.png Majestic Pleasure Yacht +2 Respectable

Constant Companion

none known


Obtained with the Sniffing Around The Parthenaeum storylet:

butlersmall.png The Parthenaeum +4 Respectable

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