Relic of the Third City

Relic of the Third City
Cinnabar beads and little square granite gods
Create this by using Jade Fragment in your inventory.
Purchased for 20 pence, Sells for 10 pence

Using Relics of the Third City

Trade your Relics of the Third City

Cinnabar beads and granite idols. Perhaps you can put them to better use than gathering dust in the parlour.


Speak to the Travel-Worn Antiquarian about his travels

'Those dusty old buffers in the tomb-colonies think that they're the only ones who've visited the Elder Continent! Stuff and nonsense! Now let me tell you…'
[This will always gain you Mysteries of the Elder Continent. It may have other effects.]
Unlocked with 50 x Relic of the Third City, Connected: The Tomb-Colonies 2


Sell your relics to Feducci

He has customers for antiquities waiting across the Unterzee. He will tell you of his travels in return.
[This will always gain you many Mysteries of the Elder Continent.]
Unlocked with 500 x Relic of the Third City

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