Red Feathered Pin
flagsmall.png Red Feathered Pin A tiny, enamelled pin, the secret signal Revolutionaries use to recognize one and other. No, it's not decorative. Decorativeness is bourgeois. [Use this to increase your Connected: Criminals quality up to 20, and beyond with Fate] - Buy from the Bazaar for 40 Echoes. Sells for 35.

click on this item in your inventory to access:

Wear your Red-Feathered Pin

Long live the Revolution! Death to Mr Fires!



Wear the pin discreetly

Traditionally, it is wrapped in whisper-satin from Polythreme. The labourers of Polythreme have a special place in the revolutionary heart.
Unlocked with 3 x Whisper-Satin Scrap, Connected: Revolutionaries 10




Wear it openly

Let everyone see your commitment to the cause today!


Requires 5 Fate
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