Recalling the Surface: Watchful
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This is one of four related storylets, each invoving remembering people you knew from the surface and tied to one of the major qualities.

Levels of the Recalling the Surface: Watchful quality:

  1. -
  2. - Vengeful Conviction
  3. - A Thirst for Secrets
  4. - Only Memories


Surface Ties: the Seeker

There are whispers behind your back. Someone has been asking impertinent questions about your activities. Someone from the surface! Who is it?
Unlocks: Watchful 12

A client you helped in the past

You used to find things, and sometimes people. It was sometimes legal, sometimes not. A previous client wants more work from you in the Neath. Do you even do that sort of thing any more?

A villain who you helped to catch

You worked for the law, and helped to catch some notorious criminals. One of them is looking for revenge.

Someone who you sent looking for secret knowledge

There are things that must be known! Finally, your plans are coming to fruition


Surface Ties: the Seeker

A former client from your days on the surface needs your help: her brother has taken their inheritance and disappeared to the Neath. He must be found before he spends it all on mushroom wine and prisoner's honey.
Unlocked with Recalling the Surface: Watchful 1

Send her away

missing text

Solve the case brilliantly, as usual

You are pleased to see your client once more. This task will be nothing out of the ordinary for you.


Surface Ties: the Seeker

A criminal who you helped bring to justice has escaped a surface prison, and come looking for revenge in the Neath!
Unlocked with Recalling the Surface: Watchful 2

You don't do that sort of thing anymore

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Foil them once more!

You are a stalwart detective in the endless fight against the criminal element! You shall see this villain hanged! As often as is necessary!


Surface Ties: the Seeker

Long ago on the surface, you sent someone out looking for secret knowledge. They have found you at last!
[Unlocked with Recalling the Surface: Watchful 3]

Tell me! Tell me everything!

Your mind hungers for every last scrap of hidden knowledge.

No! I will not hear it!

You have changed since your days on the surface. Secret knowledge invites madness, and you would prefer to stay sane.

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