Recalling the Surface: Shadowy
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This is one of four related storylets, each invoving remembering people you knew from the surface and tied to one of the major qualities.

The Recalling the Surface: Shadowy quality:
Do those shadows contain a reminder of your past?

  1. - A Tenacious Victim
  2. - (Rival)
  3. - The Pursuit of Justice
  4. - Dim Memories


Surface Ties: the Stalker

There is a presence in the shadows: someone has followed you from the surface. Who is it?
Unlocked with Shadowy 12

A former mark

There are so many of them that you forget their faces. Was it someone you stole from? Ambushed? Tricked? Is it their wrath you came down here to escape?

A rival of the shadows

You bested them back on the surface, but the memory of the defeat festered within them. They come now to settle the matter for good.

A tireless servant of the law

A constable? A detective? Whichever, they're on your trail now. What did you do? Were you framed?


Surface Ties: The Stalker

A Tenacious Victim
Unlocks: Recalling the Surface: Shadowy 1

1st Choice


2rd Choice


3rd Choice


_ Shadowy challenge - Straightforward at ??

Surface Ties: the Stalker

A rival from your life on the surface has sought you out in the Neath! Just who is the monarch of the shadows?
Unlocked with Recalling the Surface: Shadowy 2

That's not who you are any more

Leave the shadows to your rival. You have moved on in life. You have better things to do, in the dim moonish light of the Neath.

Show your rival who is the master of shadows

None shall stand in your way! Especially if they know your murkier secrets.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  

Surface Ties: the Stalker

An agent of the law from the surface is hounding you!
Unlocked with: Recalling the Surface: Shadowy 3

Confess your crimes

The law works differently down here, and extradition is unlikely. You could just confess your surface exploits and let the law of the Bazaar take its course.

Plant a false trail leading back to the surface

There isn't a detective alive who can outwit you. Probably.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  

Clear your name

You were framed! You can prove it! If you can find payment for a lawyer…
moonpearlsmall.png [Unlocked with 50 x Moon-Pearl]

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