Recalling the Surface: Persuasive
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This is one of four related storylets, each invoving remembering people you knew from the surface and tied to one of the major qualities.

The Recalling the Surface: Persuasive quality:
Perhaps someone from the surface loves you still

  1. - Savage Lover
  2. -
  3. - Haunted by Love
  4. - Only Memories


Surface Ties: the Admirer

When you came to the Neath, you left an admirer behind. Who was that admirer?
Unlocks: Persuasive 12

Someone you used for gain

You never loved them. You didn't even like them. You used them: using people and throwing them away is what you do.

One of a long line of admirers

They frequently fall in love with you: it happens often enough to be a considerable inconvenience. You are too charming for your own good, it seems. You do try to let them down gently, but that doesn't always work.

The true love that you had to abandon

You will never forget your love, and you doubt you will ever love another. But, you came down here for a reason and you will not be denied!


Surface Ties: the Admirer

One of your admirers, whose love you didn't return, has followed you down to the Neath and found you!
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Recalling the Surface: Persuasive 2]

Let them down gently

You do not love them, but you will not hurt them.

Exploit them

They didn't mean much to you on the surface, and you have better things to do than look after them down here. Best you get something out of them and move on.
foxsmall.png challenge, straightforward at 20

Surface Ties: the Admirer

Your true love has broken a vow, and followed you down to the Neath!
Unlocks: Recalling the Surface: Persuasive 3

Tell your lover that you must be alone

It breaks your heart, but you will not be diverted from your ambitions in the Neath, not by anyone. You must do this alone.

Spurn your lover

You will not consort with one who would break a sacred promise to you! Let them go where they will! You are done with them!

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