Surface Ties: the Assailant
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This is one of four related storylets, each invoving remembering people you knew from the surface and tied to one of the major qualities.

The Recalling the Surface: Dangerous quality:
Is someone from the surface intent on harming you?

  1. - Hounded by the Unjust
  2. -
  3. - Unreason's Plaything
  4. - Memories of Blood


Surface Ties: the Assailant

It's one of the monster-hunters at the Medusa's Head who tips you off. Someone is looking for you, they say. Someone with a knife and no sense of humour. Someone from the surface. Who is it?
Unlocks: Dangerous 12

A villain that you once bested

Facing the villain was perilous and promised little reward, but it had to be done. You find yourself doing that a lot.

A former victim seeking revenge

Violence for money is just something that you do. You don't lie awake at night worrying about what happened to your victims.

A maniac… again

Why do you attract these lunatics? Why won't they just leave you alone? Why do they take such pleasure in stabbing you?

Surface Ties: the Assailant

A villain you once bested on the surface has followed you down to the Neath, intent on revenge!
Unlocked with Recalling the Surface: Dangerous 1

Give the villain a sound thrashing!

The villain should have stayed on the surface. There is nothing here for them but a painful defeat.
(Dangerous challenge)

Talk the villain out of revenge

Perhaps you could solve this without bloodshed. Or, you know, with just a bit of bloodshed.
(Persuasive challenge)


Surface Ties: the Assailant

You are assailed by a madman with a knife… again! You recognise him from your life on the surface, but… that grin! He's Jack-of-Smiles!
(unlocked with Recalling the Surface: Dangerous 3)

Talk him out of it

Perhaps there is some vestige of sanity left? Perhaps you can talk to the man that was, and get to the bottom of this.

Fight him off!

Has he been possessed? Is he copying other madmen? Has something terrible called him to the Neath? Right now it doesn't matter - knives are flashing!
(A challenge for your Dangerous quality.) straightforward at 24

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