Raking The Muck Of The Neath
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Assisting journalists of a low and salacious sort.

A Journalist Approaches You

This story starts with an action in Spite.


The Careworn Journalist

A journalist approaches you. A recording angel! A defender of the truth!
catsmall.png [Unlocked with Shadowy 9]

A matter of the press

The Careworn Journalist doesn't look much like a recording angel. More of a threadbare scandal-hound. He wants you to follow the daughter of an M.P. and he's willing to pay.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge  


More work from the Careworn Journalist

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 1, Shadowy 12
The Careworn Journalist bumps into you near a fish market. You discuss business over whelks.

Investigative work

The Careworn Journalist wants you to investigate below-stairs at the home of a wealthy banker.

_ Shadowy challenge

Looking into the Careworn Journalist

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 2, Shadowy 15
Just who is this down-at-heel scandal-sniffer?

Follow him

He claims to work for the Neathy Eye, but you've never seen a copy. And why is he so interested in the love lives of servants?

_ Shadowy challenge

The Hacking Reporter

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 3, Shadowy 18
A pale and skinny fellow approaches you. His rasping cough precedes him by several minutes. Another gentleman of the press, apparently.

More journalistic work

The Hacking Reporter has heard about your investigative skills. He'd like you to follow a respectable society lady and look into her affairs.

_ Shadowy challenge

Another job from the Hacking Reporter

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 4, Shadowy 21
The Hacking Reporter has some more work for you. Something outside the remit of the gossip columns, this time.

The old astronomer

'There's a fellow that used to be an astronomer back on the cough surface. But the Observatory won't give him the cough time of day. See what he's up to, would you?

_ Shadowy challenge

Investigate the investigator

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 5, Shadowy 24
Perhaps it's time you took a closer look at the Hacking Reporter…

Skulking about to good purpose

A cough like that is easy to follow. You might eavesdrop on his acquaintances and employer as well.

_ Shadowy challenge

These journalists are up to something

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 6
Neither the Careworn Journalist nor the Hacking Reporter work for any real newspaper. What's their game?

Find out what they're up to

This isn't likely to be financially rewarding. But you must know.

Blackmail them

Money is more important than secrets.

Blessed by providence

Sometimes you get lucky. Sometimes you can both find out what's going on and make a small profit besides.
This branch costs 4 Fate to play


Blackmailing the Press

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 7
Whatever the Careworn Journalist and the Hacking Reporter are up to, they want it kept secret…

'Wouldn't it be a shame if…'

Get the two of them together, and see what you can extort from them for your silence. [Warning: you only get one chance at this.]
Shadowy challenge, straightforward < 81

_ Shadowy challenge

The Secrets of Journalists

Unlocks: Raking the Muck of the Neath 8
To Hell with the money. You need to know what these two are up to.

The shadows of the ring

You've found out that the Careworn Journalist and the Hacking Reporter meet once a month, at a bare-knuckle fight. Just how stealthy are you? Warning: you only get one chance at this.

_ Shadowy challenge

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