Qualities By ID

All qualities have a unique ID number. This might be useful for looking for gaps or things that were overlooked on the wiki (although some older content ID's may not be available).

Items have a quality ID, but also a separate item ID for buying and selling in the bazaar.

In Chrome or Safari (or similar browsers?), you can right click on the small image of the quality (most of the time) and look for a id="infoBarQImage230" line.

ID Type Quality
209 Quality-Main Watchful
210 Quality-Main Shadowy
211 Quality-Main Dangerous
212 Quality-Main Persuasive
215 Quality-Menace Scandal
217 Quality-Menace Nightmares
230 Quality-Story Preparing for a Daring Escape
231 Quality-Story a stranger
232 Quality-Story a New Arrival
233 Quality-Story Homeless!
236 Quality-Dreams having Recurring Dreams: What the Thunder Said 1
244 Quality-Venture Surveillance Contract: Find a Tattooed Messenger's contact
265 Quality-Quirk Heartless
266 Quality-Quirk Magnanimous
267 Quality-Quirk Ruthless
273 Quality-Ambition Ambition: Light Fingers!
274 Quality-Ambition Ambition: Nemesis 1
276 Quality-Contact Connected: Bohemian
277 Quality-Contact Connected: The Great Game
278 Quality-Contact Connected: Criminals
279 Quality-Contact Connected: Urchins
280 Quality-Contact Connected: The Church
281 Quality-Contact Connected: Hell
282 Quality-Contact Connected: The Docks
283 Quality-Contact Connected: The Tomb-Colonies
285 Quality-Contact Connected: Revolutionaries
286 Quality-Contact Connected: Constables
288 Quality-Contact Connected: Rubbery Men
290 Item-gloves Iron Wrist Manacles
291 Item-gloves Magician's Gloves
292 Item-gloves Cutpurse's Mittens
293 Item-gloves Eager Glove
294 Item-gloves Avid Glove
295 Item-gloves Knife-and-Candler's Glove
296 Item-gloves Cracksman's Mittens
297 Item-gloves Spiderchitin Gauntlets
298 Item-gloves Dancemaster's Dabs
299 Item-gloves Lady's Lace Gloves
300 Item-gloves Voracious Glove
301 Item-gloves Insatiable Glove
302 Item-gloves Master Thief's Hands
303 Item-hats Prisoner's Mask
304 Item-hats Iron Hat
305 Item-hats Gentleman's Hat
306 Item-hats Neathglass Goggles
307 Item-hats Luminous Neathglass Goggles
308 Item-hats Gay Bonnet
309 Item-hats Sneak-Thief's Mask
310 Item-hats Beguiling Mask
311 Item-hats Exceptional Hat
312 Item-hats Extraordinary Hat
313 Item-clothing Ragged Clothing
315 Item-clothing Battered Grey Overcoat
316 Item-clothing Stained Red Velvet Gown
317 Item-clothing Black Felt Garments
318 Item-clothing Ratskin Suit
319 Item-clothing Respectable Grey Gown
320 Item-clothing Dignified Tailcoat
321 Item-clothing Elegant Emerald Gown
322 Item-clothing Distinguished Gentleman's Outfit
323 Item-clothing Night-Trimmed Frock Coat
324 Item-clothing Magnificent Midnight-Blue Evening Gown
325 Item-clothing Sumptuous Dandy's Outfit
326 Item-clothing Exquisite Ivory Gown
327 Item-weapon Skyglass Knife
329 Item-weapon Ancient Hunting Rifle
330 Item-weapon Ravenglass Knife
332 Item-weapon Ratwork Derringer
333 Item-weapon Tasselled Walking-Stick
334 Item-weapon Tasselled Sword-Cane
335 Item-weapon Amber-Topped Walking-Stick
336 Item-weapon Kifers
337 Item-weapon Intricate Kifers
338 Item-weapon Irresistible Drum
339 Item-weapon Patent Scrutinizer
340 Item-weapon Patent Scrutinizer Deluxe!
342 Item-companion Dazed Raven Advisor
343 Item-companion Deshrieked Mandrake
344 Item-companion Fairly Tame Sorrow-Spider
345 Item-companion Working Rat
346 Item-companion Grubby Urchin
347 Item-companion Winsome Dispossessed Orphan
348 Item-companion Devious Henchman
349 Item-companion Ruthless Henchman
350 Item-companion Alluring Accomplice
351 Item-companion Malevolent Monkey
353 Item-companion Rattus Faber Bandit-Chief
355 Item-companion Overgoat
356 Item-boots Iron Ankle Manacles
357 Item-boots Stylish Riding Boots
358 Item-boots Squeakless Boots
359 Item-boots Spidersilk Slippers
360 Item-boots Masterwork Dancing Slippers
361 Item-boots Savage Hob-nailed Boots
362 Item-boots Ratskin Boots
363 Item-boots Hushed Spidersilk Slippers
364 Item-boots Vakeskin Boots
374 Item-goods-Academic Foxfire Candle Stub
375 Item-goods-Goods Rostygold
376 Item-goods-Goods Rat on a String
377 Item-goods-Elder Jade Fragment
378 Item-goods-Cartography Glim
379 Item-goods-goods Moon-pearl
380 Item-goods-Mysteries Whispered Secret
381 Item-goods Ragtrade Silk Scrap
382 Item-goods-Wines Greyfields 1879
383 Item-goods-Wines Greyfields 1882
384 Item-goods-Luminosity Lamplighter Beeswax
385 Item-goods-Rubbery Deep Amber
386 Item-goods-Infernal Soul
387 Item-goods-Goods Nevercold Brass Sliver
388 Item-goods-Wildwords Primordial Shriek
389 Item-goods-Mysteries Cryptic Clue
390 Item-goods-Mysteries Appalling Secret
391 Item-goods-Nostalgia Drop of Prisoner's Honey
392 Item-goods-Contraband London Street Sign
410 Item-goods-??? Hesperidean Cider
420 Item-goods-Rumour Proscribed Material
421 Item-goods-Goods Surface Currency
422 Item-goods-Influence Stolen Correspondence
423 Item-goods-Goods Relic of the Fourth City
424 Item-goods-Elder Relic of the Third City
425 Item-goods-Goods Relic of the Second City
426 Item-goods-Goods An Infernal Contract
428 Quality-Route Route: Wolfstack Docks
435 Item-clothing Sober Dress
436 Item-clothing Workman's Clothes
441 Item-companion Lucky Weasel
442 Item-companion Reprehensible Lizard
443 Item-companion Sulky Bat
464 Item-companion A Cheerful Goldfish
465 Item-hats Modish Bonnet
466 Item-hats Pirate Hat
467 Item-boots Scarlet Stockings of Dubious Origin
468 Item-weapon Horsehead Amulet
470 Item-goods-Curiosity F.F. Gebrandt's Tincture of Vigour
476 Item-goods-Academic Abominable Salts
477 Item-goods-Curiosity F.F. Gebrandt's Superior Laudanum
482 Item-weapon Brass Ring
487 Quality-Accomplishment The Bazaar's Questions This'll only take a moment.
498 Item-companion Araby Fighting-Weasel
500 Quality-Quirk Steadfast
504 Quality-Contact Connected: the Duchess
508 Quality-Accomplishment an Admirer of Art (A Gentle Critic?)
509 Quality-Accomplishment an Admirer of Beauty (Beautiful Company?)
513 Quality-Story Recalling the Surface: Persuasive
514 Quality-Story Recalling the Surface: Dangerous
515 Quality-Story Recalling the Surface: Shadowy
516 Quality-Story Recalling the Surface: Watchful
517 Quality-Story seeking Mr Eaten's Name
521 Quality-Quirk Melancholy
523 Item-goods-??? Nikolas & Sons Instant Ablution Absolution
544 Item-hats Sporing Bonnet
545 Quality-Specificability Making Waves
555 Item-hats Mask of the Rose
556 Item-hats Ridiculous Hat
557 Item-weapon Bottled Oblivion
558 Item-companion Talkative Rattus Faber
588 Item-goods-Influence Intriguing Gossip
591 Quality-Story on the Trail of the Cheesemonger
605 Quality-Story the Protégé of a Mysterious Benefactor
621 Quality-Story Uncovering the Secrets of the Face-Tailor
644 Item-goods-Curiosity Darkdrop Coffee
652 Item-goods-Luminosity Phosphorescent Scarab
655 Item-weapon Ratwork Watch
694 Quality-Intrigue Intimate with a Secular Missionary
703 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to a Lair in the Marshes
704 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to a Smoky Flophouse Dormitory
705 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to a Rooftop Shack
706 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to a Cottage by the Observatory
707 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to your Rooms above a Bookshop
708 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to your Rooms above a Gambling Den
709 Item-goods-Curiosity Deeds to a Decommissioned Steamer
710 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to a Handsome Townhouse
711 Item-goods-Curiosity Reservation at the Royal Bethlehem
712 Item-goods-Curiosity Lengthy Lease to Premises at the Bazaar
713 Item-goods-Curiosity Key to a Brass Embassy Guest Room
717 Item-clothing Corsetted Dress
718 Item-clothing Gentleman's Athletic Support
719 Item-clothing Morning Suit
720 Item-clothing Formidable Gown
721 Item-clothing Rough Gown
722 Item-clothing Bloodstained Suit
723 Item-clothing Glad Rags
724 Item-clothing Shabby Opera Cloak
725 Item-clothing Maidservant's Uniform
726 Item-clothing Faded Morning Suit
727 Item-hats Semiotic Monocle
728 Item-companion Bengal Tigress
729 Item-weapon Poison-tipped Umbrella
730 Item-gloves Diamond Ring Twelve-carat Diamond Ring
731 Quality-Story Raking the Muck of the Neath
748 Item-goods-Curiosity Antique Constable's Badge
749 Item-goods-Infernal Bright Brass Skull
750 Item-goods-Curiosity Tiny Jewelled Reliquary
751 Item-goods-Contraband Rookery Password
752 Item-goods-Curiosity Entry in Slowcake's Exceptionals
753 Item-goods-Curiosity Old Bone Skeleton Key
754 Item-goods-Rubbery Pulsating Amber
755 Item-goods-Curiosity Ornate Typewriter
756 Item-goods-Curiosity O'Boyle's Practical Primer in the Various Languages of Nippon, etc.
757 Item-goods-Curiosity Engraved Pewter Tankard
758 Item-goods-Curiosity Copper Cipher Ring
759 Item-goods-Curiosity Endowment of a University Fellowship
761 Item-goods-Curiosity Red-Feathered Pin
762 Item-goods-Rumour Diary of the Dead
765 Item-boots Scuffed Boots
935 Item-goods-Wildwords Maniac's Prayer
938 Quality-Story Enjoying the bohemian atmosphere of Veilgarden
942 Quality-Story Befriending a Rooftop Urchin
943 Quality-Story Advising the Loquacious Vicar
956 Item-goods-Cartography Partial Map
960 Quality-Story Seeing through the Eyes of Icarus
961 Quality-Story Touched by Fingerwork
962 Quality-Story Walking the Falling Cities
964 Item-companion Hungover Terrier
975 Item-goods-Curiosity Implacable Detective's Business Card
976 Item-goods-Curiosity A Clandestine Rendezvous at Watchmaker's Hill
990 Quality-Story Recalling a Dream of Other Places
1004 Item-weapon Emergency Blunderbuss
1005 Item-companion Scuttering Squad
1021 Quality-Story Getting to Know Cobblestone Rogues and Back-Alley Saints
1022 Quality-Story Family and Law
1023 Quality-Minorlateral The Cheery Man and the Last Constable Favouring the Constable
1057 Item-Curiosity A Rendezvous with the Last Constable
10632 Quality-Circumstance Engaged in a Case: the Honey-Sipping Detective
10852 Quality-Acquaintance Acquaintance: the Honey-Addled Detective
11002 Quality-Story a Fully Informed Citizen of Fallen London
11442 Quality-Circumstance A Matter of Age
11443 Quality-Circumstance A Matter of Gender
12188 Item-goods-Contraband Magnificent Diamond
13615 Quality-Majorlateral Profession: Pickpocket
13615 Quality-Majorlateral Profession: Tough
13615 Quality-Majorlateral Profession: Enquirer
21845 Item-hats Fecund Amber Tiara
21846 Item-boots Kingscale Boots
21847 Item-hats Devilish Fedora
21848 Item-gloves Lenguals
21891 Item-clothing Parabola-Linen Suit
21892 Item-clothing Far Khanate Lacquered Armour
21893 Item-clothing Parabola-Linen Frock
21894 Item-hats Snuffer's Face
21895 Item-clothing Smock of Four Thousand Three Hundred and Eight Pockets
21896 Item-weapon Infernal Sharpshooter's Rifle
21897 Item-hats Gloam-Foam
21898 Item-companion Midnight Matriarch

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