Put to Zee Placeholder

Reward text:

++++Eastwards down the Stolen River

The River flows somber to the uttermost ends of the Neath… you pass the crouching bulk of Watchmaker's Hill to the South: the lamps of the Observatory shine softly amber at its summit. To the North, the distant blink of the Prickfinger Wastes, glittering like an empire of knives. Two sailors tell each other improbable tales in hushed voices, things they wouldn't say if they knew the Captain could overhear: you linger to listen.

Then London is behind you, and the Unterzee stretches broad and dark before you, black as an Aztec mirror, stippled with moonish light. Back in the foggy embrace of London, it's easy to forget just how big the Neath really is…

Watchful Increase
unterzeesmall.pngYou've moved to a new area: the Broad Unterzee
waves3small.png You now have 2 x Zee-Ztory
Lose 100 x Rostygold

Second Text:

A zee-voyage begins

Always a time of invigorating optimism! [To reach your destination, raise Approaching Journey's End to 9. You don't need to choose your destination until then. Beware of the Troubled Waters quality…]

Your 'Seeking…' Quality has gone!
Your 'Inspired…' Quality has gone!
Approaching Journey's End shows your progress in the venture.
Your 'The Hunt is On!' Quality has gone!
Your 'Term Passing…' Quality has gone!

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