Pulsating Amber
ambersmall.png Pulsating Amber It looks like an ordinary chunk of Deep Amber, but if you hold it in your hand, it beats like a little heart. [Use this to increase your Connected: Rubbery Men quality up to 20, and beyond with Fate] - Buy at the Bazaar for 100 Echoes, sells for 62.50

Click on this item in your inventory to access:

Examine your piece of Pulsating Amber

Amber should not be this… animate.


Ask a Rubbery Man

If you offer one some ordinary amber, maybe he - or she - can give you a clue about this pulsating stuff.
rubberymansmall.png [Unlocked with Connected: Rubbery Men 10 and Connected: Rubbery Men no more than 19]
ambersmall.png [Unlocked with 150 x Deep Amber]

Listen to it

Hold it close to your ear. This will increase your Connected: Rubbery Men quality by even more.


Requires 5 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.

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