Proscribed Material

Proscribed Material
The censors are empowered to confiscate this stuff. But why should they have all the fun?
Purchased for 1 echo 1 pence, Cannot be sold

Using Proscribed Material

Sift Through your Proscribed Material

It's certainly illegal. But is it good for anything other than a frisson of the forbidden?


Discuss your books at a particularly discreet salon

The duller gazettes occasionally note this regular salon as 'the meeting place for marsh-botanists with an interest in social change'. You know better. [This will always gain you Inklings of Identity. It may have other effects.]
A matter of luck: pretty good odds.
Unlocked with 25 x Proscribed Material


Study an armful of forbidden books

You'll just have to work out who wrote them on your own.
[This will always gain you many Inklings of Identity.]
Unlocked with 250 x Proscribed Material


All manner of banned works

You can see why sedition and calls to revolution would be forbidden. But why regulate the movement of love poetry? Why ban the discussion of Egypt? Perhaps a friend from the Surface can shed some light.

Invite a friend option.

Obtaining Proscribed Material

Veilgarden Unlocked Unavailable Item Gain
Charm an influential social butterfly Persuasive 53 14 x Proscribed Material

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