Primordial Shriek

Primordial Shriek
A scream sealed into a stone jar with black beeswax. Something left over from the dawn of time.
Sells for 2 pence.

Primordial Shrieks are stored in your inventory as Wild Words. If clicked on, these options appear:

Listen to your Primordial Shrieks

What do they actually sound like? Do you really want to know? 


Option 1: A dispiriting experience

Perhaps you should take it outside first. You won't be popular with your neighbours.
Unlocked with 1 x Primordial Shriek
A matter of luck: it could go either way.

Option 2: An arrangement of screams

If you had enough shrieks, perhaps you could compare, contrast. Learn. It'll be hard on the eardrums. [This will always gain you Maniac's Prayers. It may have other effects.]
Unlocked with 50 x Primordial Shriek

Option 3: Let your shrieks loose on the Square of Lofty Words

Expensive, but seeing the philosophers run and gibber might be worth it. [This will always gain you many Maniac's Prayers.]
Unlocked with 500 x Primordial Shriek

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