Presbyterate Passphrase

Presbyterate Passphrase
A formula that can be used, once, for a peculiar purpose in the distant Presbyterate.
Create this by using Mysteries of the Elder Continent in your inventory.
Sells for 2 echos 50 pence

Stored in inventory under Elder, when clicked on these actions are available:

Make Sense of your Presbyterate Passphrases

Scraps of Latin. Half-drawn Correspondence sigils. Everyday phrases in English. What do these phrases mean?


Discuss matters with the Travel-Worn Antiquarian and his guest

The tomb-colonist in the Antiquarian's shop has a monkey poking out of his hat. A traveller, then.
[This will always gain you Antique Mysteries. It may have other effects.]
Unlocked with 25 x Presbyterate Passphrase, Connected: The Tomb-Colonies 6

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