Playing With Broken Toys
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A picture of a smiling child. Scraps of cardboard. Cogwheels and porcelain. Something is going on…

Beginning the Story

Playing with Broken Toys is a story opened up through selecting the right option on any of several cards.

It is also possible to start it through The Eyes of Icarus card.

(lazy edit - night on the tiles, choose to bluff your way in, shadowy 45 unlocks)


A peculiar practice

Unlocks: Dangerous 57

Find out what he's up to

Turn the tables

Go a-stalking

(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 77)

Coals and souls

Unlocks: Watchful 45

Investigate the sacks

A word to the neddy men

Stow away

Watchful challenge, straightforward at 68

Finding More Clues

Perhaps these toys are not what they seem to be…. (These cards are all bronze-bordered.)


Child's play

Unlocked with Playing with Broken Toys 1

Examine the shards

_ Watchful Watchful challenge  

Question the boy

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  

Under the hammer

Unlocks: Playing with Broken Toys 1

Bid for the cardboard box

Unlocks: 20 x Glim

Bid for the dusty bottles

Unlocks: 80 x Glim

Bid for the battered books

Unlocks: 40 x Glim


The coffin trade

Unlocks: Playing with Broken Toys 1

A little question and answer

(Dangerous challenge; straightforward at 58)

A little breaking and entering

(Shadowy challenge; straightforward < 70)


Drinking to forget

Unlocks: Playing with Broken Toys 1

F.F. Gebrandt provides something for exactly this situation.

Unlocks: 1 x F.F. Gebrandt's Superior Laudanum

Supply a placebo

(Persuasive challenge, straightforward < 85)


Bringing down the house

Unlocks: Playing with Broken Toys 3

Help him out

(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 58)

Loot the place

(Shadowy challenge, straightforward < 71)


A stranded shipment

A cart has lost its wheel in the middle of the street. The flustered carter is trying to fix it up again while a queue builds up behind him. The cargo is a pile of small cardboard boxes, each with a smiling child painted on the lid.
[Unlocked with Playing with Broken Toys 3]

Help him out

A bit of effort and he'll be on his way in no time.

_ Dangerous challenge

Half-inch a box

_ Shadowy challenge

Murder's afoot

A man lies dead in a nearby alley…
Unlocked with Playing with Broken Toys 3

Investigate the scene

(Watchful challenge, straightforward < 87)

Go through his pockets

(Shadowy challenge; straightforward < 80)


A new toy

Unlocks: Playing with Broken Toys 4

Help Him

Convince him otherwise


Any old iron

toysoldiersmall.png [Unlocked with Playing with Broken Toys 1]

Offer him Rostygold

red_goldsmall.png [Unlocked with Rostygold 50]

Offer him Nevercold brass

nevercold_brasssmall.png [Unlocked with Nevercold Brass Sliver 50]

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