Persuasive Cards

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These Opportunity Cards will not appear unless your Persuasive quality reaches a certain level. They generally challenge the Persuasive quality but some have options which test other Qualities. The links below will jump to the section of the page describing Cards which unlock at that level of Persuasive Quality.

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fangrose2small.png Cards that appear during the Feast of the Exceptional Rose

Cards which unlock between 0 and 9


Entertaining the masses (Std)

The people queuing for the theatre are bored and restless. Perhaps there's something to be done.
   [Unlocked with Persuasive no more than 27 (probably) (unconfirmed)]

Do you juggle?

Someone like you can find a way to entertain a crowd: epic poetry perhaps, or ribald gutter-ballads? You'll find a way.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (5% per point)

The salvation of a Rubbery Man (Std)

A Rubbery Man is shambling mournfully down the street, his face-tentacles twitching, while a crowd jeers at him. The mood is turning nasty.
   [Unlocked with Persuasive no more than 27]

Intervene in his favour

The poor creature is harmless. Probably. He deserves better! Also, Rubbery Men are known to give deep amber to those they favour. He is carrying a heavy satchel.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (5% per point)

Pick up the pieces

If you can't save the Rubbery Man, perhaps you can ensure some of his belongings go to a good cause. Like you.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (20% per point)

The Poet of the Streets (Std)

Poets, orators and madmen all gather at Scoundrel's Corner to speak – perhaps there’s a place for you there?

A voice in the mist

You stand in the drizzle falling softly from the cavern roof far above, and begin expounding…

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (5% per point)

What you need is a coterie

You're quite the poet. And although your circumstances might currently be humble, the Veilgarden set are starting to take notice. What you need are followers. An artistic movement! This will invite someone who isn't playing to join you, and start a lucrative and somewhat bohemian story if they do.


Her barbed tongue (Std)

A rival has called into question your morals, your taste in attire and your relationship to goats. This cannot be borne!
   [Unlocked with Persuasive 9-39]

A duel of wits

Surely you cannot stand for this - you must retort!

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (6.6% per point)

Give her both barrels!

Retort? You're going to melt her ears.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (2.5% per point)

Cards which unlock between 10 and 19

Cards which unlock between 20 and 29


Ghostwrite a tongue-tied lover's poetry

At your favourite cafe, you are approached by one of the bandaged dead of the Tomb-Colonies. The gentleman's dusty old heart has quickened for a certain young lady, and he needs someone to put his affection into words.
Unlocks: Persuasive 21

Take up your pen and begin composing

What greater cause is there than the cause of true love? Anyway, the wretched old corpse is loaded.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 26)

Interfere with the romance

Tomb-colonists romancing rosy-cheeked, vital maidens? Not if you have a say in the matter! You will write, certainly, but not what that corpse wants.
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 38)


Journal requires original poetry for publication

It’s hardly The Magazine Formerly Known as the London Magazine, but this might help your reputation.
Unlocks: Persuasive 21

The indignities a genius has to suffer

The poetry journal is published irregularly, the fee is pathetic and the editor is notoriously mercurial. The theme is scandalous. Where did you put that pen?
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 26)

A poor vehicle for your genius

A pox on that insignificant rag! Your work deserves a more fitting publication: the Unexpurgated London Gazette. Mr Huffam is sure to know his poetry.
(Persuasive challenge)


Win your way into a dying widow's will. (Std)

Quick! You've heard of a certain lonely, faltering dowager full of dying regrets she needs someone to hear…
[Unlocked with Persuasive 21-51]

You reach the deathbed a trifle flushed, but just in time!

Take her spotted, yellow hand and listen sympathetically…

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (2.8% per point)

Persuade her lawyer to alter the will in your favour

The dowager's lawyer seems an underhanded sort of gentleman. He may be amenable to sharp practice if offered a share of the gains.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (1.6% per point)

Moving in rarefied circles

A notable family is holding a ball for the well-bred and the wealthy. Perhaps you can talk your way in.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 21]

Gossip with the servants

It's hardly high society, but the servants here are known for the occasional indiscretion regarding their betters.
A challenge for your Persuasive quality. [Straightforward at 35]

'But my good man, the invitation never arrived!'

The host's butler is shrewd and the veteran of a hundred society events. It will not be easy to talk your way past him.
A challenge for your Persuasive quality. [Straightforward at 41]


Trouble at home

Your neighbour is a troublesome fellow – noisy parties at night and the frequent attention of the Constables. It's time for him to go.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 21 and Persuasive no more than 51]

The pen and the poison

Your neighbour is mixed up with crime and politics – he must have sins aplenty in his past. Perhaps an anonymous warning letter is in order.

_ Persuasive challenge

The law of the mob

You can't be the only one who wants to see him go. Assembling a mob to run him out of the area is hardly civilised, but it could work.

_ Persuasive challenge


Debate with a philosopher at the Square of Lofty Words

The thinkers here perch atop long poles high above the surrounding buildings so that the rarefied air might nourish their wispy notions.
Unlocked with Persuasive 21

Repudiate an especially offensive hypothesis

You have been described as open-minded, innovative, an exemplar of forbearance; but this idiot on his stupid pole is talking rubbish and someone needs to step in.
(Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 26)

Climb up and start expounding

You lack a pole, but a hansom stuck in traffic nearby will do just as well. They will hear you!
(Persuasive challenge, straightforward at ???)

Cards which unlock between 30 and 39


After dinner speaking

A circle of literary types wants an entertaining speaker while brandy and cigars are enjoyed.
Unlocks: Persuasive 33

'Good evening, ladies and gentlemen…'

Your reputation as a wit has preceded you. The crowd is pretty erudite, though, so it won't be that easy.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 52)

Read them some of your poetry

The circle is very fussy about its literature, but you will find few better opportunities to air your works.
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 49, straightforward at 53)


Making peace

Two elderly retired army officers are determined to duel. One of them is the uncle of a friend of yours, and she asks for your help defusing things.
Unlocked with Persuasive 33

Belligerent old warhorses

The duel is over a woman, it seems. Perhaps something can be done.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 53)


Our forthright reporter

One of the more salacious and excitable newspapers has a temporary shortage of reporters. Could you fill in on the society pages?
Unlocked with Persuasive 33

Cover a few events

A salon here, a society wedding there. Concentrate on fashion and the safer margins of intrigue and gossip. Turn in your work and stay out of trouble.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 38)

Uncover some real scandal

There must be something interesting going on behind the polite smiles and long poetry readings. The world will know!
(Persuasive challenge; modest at 49, straightforward at 53)

Cards which unlock between 40 and 49


The Ways of the Shuttered Palace

Sombre, silent servants. The whims of an Empress.

A trip to the Palace

A Fashionable Under-Cook will show you around the Shuttered Palace if you supply her with silk and promise to be quiet.
Unlocks with 50 x Silk Scrap

A little word with the newspapers

A lover of the Captivating Princess has thrown himself into the river. He's not the first of her paramours to do so. Palace authorities would like you to suppress the story.
Unlocks with Route: The Shuttered Palace 1

You know someone who knows someone

Invitations to the Palace are rare and prized. Still, you know a chap who knows a chap who might be able to provide one. [This will open up permanent access to the Shuttered Palace.]


Requires 5 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.


Bricks and knives

Two gangs are fighting over the area near your lodgings.
Unlocked with Persuasive 45

Talk some sense into them

Perhaps you can convince then to leave, or make peace, or murder one another into quiescence.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 65)


A deviless' serenade

A frustrated deviless sits beneath the window of a fine house. She tells you her plan; to win her beloved's heart with a song. But she's never been any good with words…
Unlocked with Persuasive 45

Write with Scorn

Perhaps your words can turn the deviless' intended against her, and you'll have a fine show.

Write with Love

Perhaps your words can sway the intended's heart.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 50)

Write with Lust

Help the devil slake her thirst, and there could be a reward.
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 60)


Address the university

The Dean of Criminal Rehabilitation & Eradication is looking for visiting speakers.
Unlocks: Persuasive 45

Is that an insult?

The Dean is looking for speakers who understand the minds of criminals and other vermin.
Unlocks: Connected: Criminals 1
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 65)


Time for a little relaxation

The Parlour of Virtue is the kind of place to forget one's worries, if one has the means.
Unlocked with Persuasive 45

Spend a pleasant evening

The Parlour is fussy about its clientele, but you think your reputation will allow entrance. Note that visiting the Parlour is both expensive and scandalous. You can acquire Incendiary Gossip by using Rumours items in your inventory.
A challenge for your Persuasive quality.
gossipsmall.png [Unlocked with 2 x Incendiary Gossip]



Gossip with the servants, and perhaps you'll learn a little about the Shuttered Palace and its mistress.
Unlocked with Persuasive 45

Chat with a cook

He'll have a good idea what's going on, and you might be able to sample some of his work-in-progress.

Share a bottle with a junior under-butler

A cup or two of '82 will set the tongue a-wagging.
Unlocked with Greyfields 1882 12

Make a suggestion to the chambermaid

Find out if those amused looks are because she's laughing with you, or at you.
(Persuasive challenge)


An invitation to High Table!

What an honour. The Regius Professor of Tonsorial Alchemy has invited you to a formal dinner at the University. You put on your very nicest outfit and research several intellectual topics of conversation, only to discover that the Faculty are more drunken and dissolute than any students. You catch several of the more senior academics eyeing you in a squiffily lascivious manner, and you are not averse to a little fun. But who shall it be? Choose carefully. As you are discovering at dinner, the gossips here are merciless.
Unlocks with Persuasive 45

Allow the Junior Researcher in Epigraphical Mathematics to seduce you.

Everyone likes the Junior Researcher, so you cannot go too far wrong.
Unlocks with Persuasive 45
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 63)

Allow the Bursar to seduce you.

Bursar means "person holding the purse-strings", right?
Unlocks with Persuasive 50
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 65)

Allow the Emeritus Professor of Antiquarian Esquivalience to seduce you.

A very prestigious catch, this one.
Unlocks with Persuasive 55
(Persuasive challenge; straightforward at 75)

Cards which unlock between 50 and 59


A really nice haircut

The stylists at Cargill & Hummingbird have excelled themselves this morning. You emerge from the tonsorial emporium with a spring in your step and a gentle bounce in your follicles. You shake your tresses langorously, and Time herself slows to admire them. But which style did you choose?
Unlocks: Persuasive 50, You must be in The Shuttered Palace to play this card

The pompadour frame

A mighty trellis of hair, held to attention with built-in wires and balanced with a tiny gyroscope. The world will stop and stare.

The Sweeney

Lavishly oiled and patted down, this is the ideal tonsure for those who prefer the shadows.

The Bun

A solid ball of hair, so tightly wound that your eyes open a little wider than they did before.

The Billiard

Hair? Hair is for Dollymops and dandies.


Cards with the civil service

The palace functionaries have taken a shine to you. There is a place for you at their monthly card table.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 57, Route: The Shuttered Palace 1]

So what are we playing, gentlemen?

Assuming you have the required set of deep amber gaming tokens, you settle in for an evening of bluff and wit.

_ Persuasive challenge
ambersmall.png [Unlocked with 20 x Deep Amber]


Dealing with the colonel

A Disgruntled Colonel is writing his memoirs. It seems that he knows some alarming things.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 57 and Persuasive no more than 87]

Where the bodies are buried

The Disgruntled Colonel must know some serious secrets: a cabal of ministers and senior palace functionaries will pay handsomely if you can persuade him to not publish.

_ Persuasive challenge


A strange mirror

The Shuttered Palace is known for its unusual mirrors. You have happened upon one in a forgotten hallway.

Surely it can't hurt?

Not just to chance a peek? Even if someone did make the mirror from polished jade covered in leering gargoyles?
Unlocks: Persuasive 57
Straightforward: Persuasive 77?

Cards which unlock between 60 and 69


The notable citizen

As a figure of some note, you are asked to address a government committee concerned with public safety. They may even have some tiny shred of power to change things.
Unlocks: Persuasive 69

Speak with little intention of changing matters

That you are speaking here at all is the important thing. Attempt to sound erudite and aware of current matters.
Straightforward: Persuasive <79

Speak with passion

These dusty old fellows have spoken and debated and done nothing for too long. They will listen to you!
Straightforward: Persuasive 89?


One's public [Standard]

A fractious but good natured mob is forming around your lodgings…
Unlocked with Persuasive 69

Speak for a little while and ask them to disperse

Although they are infringing your privacy, celebrity does have certain obligations. You will indulge them, a little.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  

Put on a fine show for them

Play up to the crowd. Tell a few intimate anecdotes. Flirt a little. They will love it.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge level 200 Broad difficulty

Recount tales of a Hallowmas gone by

"Oi! Weren't you in that Hallowmas edition of the Gazette?"
Choose this to gain Making Waves and other rewards. The better your mention in the Gazette, the more rewarding this may be.
newspapersmall.png [Unlocked when The Unexpurgated Gazette: Hallowmas Edition of 1892 is: ]
  • You feature as one of the 'disgruntled participants' in a story headlined 'THE TRUE COST OF HALLOWMAS!'
  • Your tale appears, unattributed, in an editorial insert entitled 'AN EXAMPLE OF FIDELITY!'
  • Your interview is on page two, the one with 'a noted collector of confidences'
  • The third page is given over to your "fiction": 'A TRADE IN FACES: A Seasonal Tale of Abominable Terror'
  • An effusive statement of thanks on page two! Apparently, you are the Gazette's 'official Hallowmas consultant'
  • It contains your impassioned letter forgiving those who wronged you. Huffam describes it as 'inspirational'
  • Page two thunders with your promise of retribution on all who betrayed you! They have been warned
  • The second page bears your story of years-old trust. When the Bishop of Southwark read it, he declared you and your confessor "a pair of good eggs"
  • You made the front page! 'THE PURVEYOR OF PERFIDY!' roars the headline, above a gloriously sinister portrait
  • You made the front page! 'THE RELIQUARY OF SECRETS' declares the headline, above a saintly portrait
  • Inside, an entire supplementary edition is devoted to 'THE UNWAVERING BULWARK OF PROBITY'. That's you
  • Inside, an entire supplementary edition chronicles your exploits under the title 'A BLOODY-FINGERED MURDERER OF CONFIDENCES'
  • The entirety of the issue is given over to your exploits. The front page reads: 'UNMASKED: THE SOVEREIGN OF HALLOWMAS!' Some are born to royalty, others have royalty thrust upon them.
  • A whole column at the top of page two! The tagline describes you as 'a person much beset by visions and visitations'
  • Inside, an entire supplementary edition is devoted to 'THE UNWAVERING BULWARK OF PROBITY'. That's you
  • Here you are, on page eight: one of the 'sundry skeptics'
  • 'Multitudinous revellers' the copy reads. That's you!


Graduate Advice

A young lady of your acquaintance has completed her university education. She has a creditable degree from Benthic, but is unsure how to proceed. What do you advise?
[Unlocked with Persuasive 69]

Encourage her to marriage and a family

Degree or not, the proper place for a young lady is in the home.

_ Persuasive challenge

Encourage her to the arts

She's a good pianist and a passable composer. Perhaps there's a future for her in music.

_ Persuasive challenge

Encourage her to political service

There are no female MPs, and few ladies within government service. All the more reason to encourage her that way.

_ Persuasive challenge


The Toymaker's tree

Unlocks: Persuasive 69, this card can only be played in the Shuttered Palace, and your Persuasive must be <= 106
In the Occasional Foyer stands a flowering tree made entirely from brass. In its branches sit creatures fashioned from precious metals. In the back of each is a key.

Turn the key of the silver bat

It hangs amongst gleaming leaves, wings unfurled, so lifelike that it might take flight at any moment.

Turn the key of the copper rat

It hugs the bole of the tree, burnished fur sparkling, its head posed as if looking for something.

Turn the key of the golden cat

The dainty creature lounges along a tree bough, paws draped, tail curling, so self-satisfied that it could be alive.

Wind up the jaded attendant

Well, he does look in need of some excitement.
(Persuasive challenge, Almost impossible at 73)


The marriage of inconvenience

Society weddings are carefully arranged matters. This one is in tatters: the groom has cold feet and the bride's family is bound up with a weasel-doping scandal. Can you pour oil on troubled waters?
[Unlocked with Persuasive 69 and Persuasive no more than 106]

Bring them together

You'll have this wedding back on the rails before supper!

_ Persuasive challenge

Set your aunt on the job

Your aunt was born to sort out problems like this. She specialises in shouting at recalcitrant youths and smoothing over life's little gaffes, when she's not in the newspapers herself.
auntsmall.png [Unlocked with Inconvenienced by your Aunt 10]

A gathering of gourmets

Take a seat in the Smoke-filled Parlour to sample pungent delicacies from gardens across Fallen London. Each plate bears a label. Which will you try?
Unlocks: Persuasive 69
this card can only be played in the Shuttered Palace

‘Slippery Jack’

Strips of dark fungus glisten with oil

‘Plums and Custard’

Purple tops and bright yellow gills in a creamy white sauce.

‘Golden Topper’

Slender stalks and golden caps, lightly fried in a Greyfields sauce.

Sometimes you just can’t help yourself

Engage the other diners in sparkling conversation, and while they're distracted, swap the labels around. Then sit back and watch the fun…
straightforward at persuasive = 86

Cards which unlock between 70 and 79

Cards which unlock between 80 and 89


Attend a society funeral

The pneumonia has carried off a Widely-disliked Parliamentarian. Although he was unpopular, his funeral will be well attended.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 81 and Persuasive no more than 118]

Work the funeral

A surprising amount of political business is conducted in quiet corners at these events. One might pick up some interesting snippets.

_ Persuasive challenge

Read the eulogy

Although faintly distinguished, the fellow had no family and few close friends. Perhaps you could find something appropriate to say about him?

_ Persuasive challenge

Attend a Salon at the Palace

Simply everyone will be there. There will also be poetry or somesuch, but that's hardly important.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 81]

Smiles and charm

Rely on your grace and natural appeal to increase your prestige and learn interesting secrets.

_ Persuasive challenge
palacesmall.png [Unlocked with Route: The Shuttered Palace 1]

Gossip, scorn and scandal

Foil your rivals with calumny and bitter words.

_ Persuasive challenge
palacesmall.png [Unlocked with Route: The Shuttered Palace 1]

A matter of business

There is money to be made! Jade is moving slowly, there is little surface currency in the market… What will you deal in today?
Unlocks: Persuasive 81

Deal in deep amber

A reliable trade, if one is happy to deal with the Rubbery Men.
Unlocks: Connected: Rubbery Men 3

Deal in relics

A riskier proposition. One must know the field. And one must be able to convince others of the authenticity of one's wares.
Unlocks: 1 x Archaeologist's Hat, 1 x Relic of the Third City


Caligula's Coffee House

The place is expensive, and it gets crowded when the fog swirls thick and dank. But the coffee is startlingly good. Well, mainly startling.
[Unlocked with Persuasive 81]

This sort of thing happens after four cups

A Finger-wagging Parliamentarian is holding court in the corner. The man's spouting nonsense! Give him a piece of your mind!

_ Persuasive challenge

Drink the number four special

Its origins are nebulous and possibly unhygienic. Rubbery Men and civets, you understand. But it might just set your brain on fire.
placeholder2small.png [Unlocked with Inspired… 1]
_ Persuasive challenge

Cards which unlock above 89


The Paranomastic Newshound [Unusual]

The Paronomastic Newshound's headlines locate him in a dangerous territory: the hinterland between Increased Circulation and Editorial Defenestration.
Unlocked with Persuasive 100

Advise him on a headline

He has a story, but is momentarily stumped for an appropriately droll headline.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  

Talk to him about the Tomb-Colonies

You've heard that he once spent some time at a little known Tomb-Colony off the main shipping lanes.
ruinssmall.png [Unlocked with Walking the Falling Cities 10]


An Old Acquaintance?

There are rumours that His Amused Lordship has been sending rare, hothouse toadstools to a certain music-hall singer from Spite. They're using words like 'scornful' and 'cynical' to describe her. Do you know who they're talking about?
Unlocked with Persuasive 105

Will she remember you?

It's been such a long time. Perhaps you should be reintroduced.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 115

Claim intimacy

Everyone's talking about her, but you actually know her. At least, a bit. Enough to talk about, anyway.
Unlocked with Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 1
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125
Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer challenge, straightforward =< 8.

Call on her

Make sure at least one of the whispers winding its way through Society circles also concerns you.
Unlocked with Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 3
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 135
Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer challenge, straightforward at 10


Ask the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer to help you

Her star is in the ascendant again right now. It wouldn't take much for her to help yours rise. What will you ask for?
Unlocked with Persuasive 105 and Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 1

Just a few introductions

Nothing very much at all, really.
(Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 115, A high-risk challenge for your Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer quality at 1, modest at 4)

An invitation to a rather exclusive soirée

This is not a great deal to ask of such a friend, after all.

(Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125, A high-risk challenge for your Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer quality at 1)

An audience with His Amused Lordship

Can you persuade her to pull the right strings?
(Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 135, modest at Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 6, unlocked with cultivating an acquaintance with His Amused Lordship 3)


Help the Sardonic Music-Hall Singer

'I made some… investments that went awry. I owe a rather large sum. Jasper and Frank are sending their nephew to collect a payment soon, but I haven't got it.'
Unlocked with Persuasive 105 and Acquaintance: Sardonic Music-Hall Singer 1

Option 1: Help her negotiate

You have more experience than she does in such matters.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 115

Option 2: Call on the Wry Functionary

Maybe he can use his influence to help.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 125
unlocked with Acquaintance: Wry Functionary 1 An Acquaintance: Wry Functionary challenge, straightforward < 9.

Option 3: Call on the Repentant Forger to produce some banknotes

He is not in business any more, but perhaps he'd make an exception in this case.
Persuasive challenge, straightforward at 135
unlocked with Acquaintance: a Repentant Forger An Acquaintance: a Repentant Forger challenge, straightforward at 8

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