Personal Recommendation

Personal Recommendation
A bona fide from an individual of impeccable reputation. It might even be real.
one of the component items one can create at the Bazaar Sidestreets, sells for 6 Echoes

Acquiring Personal Recommendations

You can create a Personal Recommendation at the Bazaar Sidestreets

Call at the offices of Baseborn and Fowlingpiece, solicitors at law
It will cost you:
papers3small.png 20 x Compromising Document
gossipsmall.png 75 x Intriguing Gossip
Total worth for selling the items required for making a Book Of Hidden Bodies at the Bazaar: (20 x 0.50) + (75 x 0.20) = 25 Echoes — the Book Of Hidden Bodies itself can be sold for 6 Echoes

You can win a Personal Recommendation by winning the Tournament Of Lilies

assuming you choose the option "Take your prize"

You can get a Personal Recommendation by opening an invitation at your lodgings


Taking your Leave

The last guests stagger into their carriages. The servants are at work cleaning up the food-stains and wine-spills. Time for home, and bed.

Your host would like a moment before you leave

She looks very pleased. [This will trade Talk of the Town for a Personal Recommendation]
Unlocks: Talk of the Town 12

Using Personal Recommendations

* Acquiring A Ship

shipsmall.png Regardless of the kind of ship you want, you'll need 1 x Personal Recommendation.

* Permanent Compagnon: The Master Jewel Thief

chap2small.png You may use a Personal Recommendation to raise your "Courting the Master Jewel Thief" quality from 5 to 6 (only one use needed).

* Permanent Compagnon: The Celebrated Artist's Model

bohoposhsmall.png You may use Personal Recommendations to raise your "Courting the Celebrated Artist's Model" quality from one to 5 (every use of a Personal Recommendation raises the quality by 3 change points).

* Club: The Parthenaeum

butlersmall.png You will need 3 x Personal Recommendation.

* Club: The Young Stags' Club

bloomerssmall.png You will need 4 x Personal Recommendation.

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