Things to do at The Shuttered Palace...

When your Persuasive is 71-80

As your Persuasive rises, more storylets are available to you.



The Antiquarian Footman

The Shuttered Palace is crammed with rare and beautiful things. You hear rumours that a footman is disgruntled. It is inevitable that you will try to turn this situation to your advantage.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 71]

Offer the fellow a partnership

He supplies the antiques, you supply the expertise. Persuade him that he needs your help in valuing his acquisitions and finding a fence.

_ Persuasive challenge

Double-cross him!

You have no attachment to this footman. You do have a deep attachment to expensive, sparkly items. Honour among thieves? What nonsense is this? This plan will take a little research, though.
crypticsecretsmall.png [Unlocked with 15 x Cryptic Clue]
_ Persuasive challenge


Green Fingers

The Shuttered Palace is rightly proud of its gardens. Now the word on the street is that some of them are to be redesigned. No one is saying exactly why. But it's a lucrative contract to bid for.
Unlocked with Persuasive 73

Bid for a straightforward design job

The grand ornamental beds at the front of the Palace are looking a bit tired. Someone with your creative flair should be able to make them special.

Design something that will last

Forget fungi. Fungi are ephemeral. You have grander plans. You know where you can exchange a few secrets for a rare book of historic maze designs.
Unlocked with Cryptic Secret x 15
(Persuasive Challenge, Straightforward at 81) 


Become a trader in antiques

Although what would be the point of real antiques, when fake ones are so much easier to come by? The trick is in the selling, anyway.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 74, no longer available at 89]

Deal in pretty trinkets

The bored, enervated ladies that frequent the Palace's social activities are like magpies. Easily distracted by things that sparkle.

_ Persuasive challenge

Deal in serious "antiques"

There is a craze at the moment amongst Fallen London society for little ormolu carriage clocks. You will need to invest some moon-pearls of your own, as even reproductions need to tell the right time, but it should be worth it.

_ Persuasive challenge
Moon-pearlsmall.png [Unlocked with 30 x Moon-pearl]


Start a chemist's business

F.F. Gebrandt's name is known and mostly trusted in Fallen London. Nevertheless, society's wealthier hypochondriacs always welcome alternatives. Especially at the Shuttered Palace, where children are prone to strange sicknesses…
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 76, no longer available at 92]

Offer cures for coughs and colds

Persuade anxious mothers and nursery-maids to buy your patented Wintergreen and Camphor Cough-drops. These lozenges are a pleasingly virulent colour, which helps your sales pitch immensely.

_ Persuasive challenge

Offer cures for gout, dropsy and scrofula

One of the Palace nursery-maids asks if you can do anything for some rather more unpleasant diseases. The Librarian at the University will let you look at some medical texts, if you can help satiate his appetite for scandal. You can obtain an Intriguing Gossip by using other Influence items in your inventory.

_ Persuasive challenge
gossipsmall.png [Unlocked with 2 x Intriguing Gossip]

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