Things to do at the Shuttered Palace...

When your Persuasive is 57-70

As your Persuasive rises, more storylets are available to you.



Entry to the Duchess' salon

The Duchess has rooms in the Tortoiseshell Wing of the Shuttered Palace. You know her secretary a little from your honey-sipping days. He's hinted you may find a welcome at the salon she holds, if you can demonstrate your worth.
Unlocked with Persuasive 57

The Duchess enjoys controversy

The easiest way to catch her attention is to be a little bit exceptional. You could be excitingly Radical. Of course, this sort of thing can rapidly get out of control.
(Persuasive Challenge)

Publish poetry in praise of the Duchess

You could use your contacts to have something suitably oleaginous published under your name. But the Duchess can be impatient with flatters. She might be less than entertained.
Unlocked with Connected: Bohemian 1
(Persuasive Challenge)


An evening at the Duchess' salon

The Duchess is entertaining tonight. Are you among the select invitees?
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 59]

Attend: and be entertaining

Perhaps you'll come across as lightweight. But you know how to be entertaining.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  
duchess2small.png [Unlocked with Connected: the Duchess 5]

Attend: and be erudite

A riskier endeavour! You'll have to bluff to cover your limited grasp of actual facts. But you are a veteran bluffer, after all.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  
duchess2small.png [Unlocked with Connected: the Duchess 5]

Attend and speak of…terrible things.

Ghost stories? But these are no ghosts. And no stories.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge  
duchess2small.png [Unlocked with Connected: the Duchess 10]
sidebarunaccountablypeckishsmall.png [Unlocked with Unaccountably Peckish 2]


Recalling past indiscretions

Ah, your first days in Fallen London. It seems so long ago. Was it the Struggling Artist whose company you so enjoyed? Or his model?
Unlocks: Persuasive 62
Appears only if you are not an Admirer of Art or an Admirer of Beauty.

I recall the Struggling Artist more fondly

Although he had more talent than wit.

I recall the Struggling Artist's Model more fondly

Although I always suspected she knew more than she was telling

Actually, I was rather fond of them both

It's always the judgement of Solomon, this sort of thing, isn't it?


Start a New Fashion!

What better way to be noticed - and admired - than to lead a new trend?
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 62, no longer available at 77]

Be subtle

Have your smoking-jacket trimmed in an eccentric colour, perhaps. Add a new frill to the overskirt of your crinoline. Your aim is to be noticed as much for your subtlety as your taste.

_ Persuasive challenge

Be daring!

Invent a daring new type of bustle, larger than anyone has ever seen! Commission pantaloons in a fetching new lavender stripe! Add several inches to your top hat, or re-trim that bonnet with dyed ratskin!

_ Persuasive challenge


The Rival

Everywhere you go these days, this person is there also. They have insinuated themselves into all your favourite soirées, tea-parties and balls. This is unacceptable. Find a way to engineer their downfall.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 65]

Start a rumour about your rival

An old-fashioned choice, but a sound one. Find the biggest gossip in the room, and take them aside.

_ Persuasive challenge

Contrive a little 'accident'

Your competitor is better-dressed than you, and more attractive, and this is simply not to be borne. Fill your goblet to the brim with Greyfields' most acidic vintage red, then go and find your rival.

_ Persuasive challenge

Just get rid of them for good.

You cannot dispose of anyone permanently these days, but you can seriously inconvenience them with a little well-placed poison.

_ Persuasive challenge


An audience with the Duchess

An opportunity for a conversation with Fallen London's most alarming aristocrat is not to be missed. Although she can be capricious.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 66

Bring dinner for her cats

Fresh rat rarely goes amiss, you hear, although however carefully you seal the package, a distressing smell will leak out.
ratsstringsmall.png [Unlocked with 100 x Rat on a String]
_ Persuasive challenge

Bring jade for her cats' collars

Something to match their eyes.
jadsmall.png [Unlocked with 50 x Jade Fragment]
_ Persuasive challenge

Bring your own charming company and nothing else

The cats won't be impressed. The Duchess might be.

_ Persuasive challenge


Seduction: a Rising Artist

You'd almost forgotten him. But how dare he forget you!
Unlocks: Persuasive 66, an Admirer of Art (But no more than Persuasive 76)

chap1small.png Actions for this Venture all occur in the Shuttered Palace. They are gathered on their own page.


Seduction: a Rising Artist's Model

You'd almost forgotten her. But how dare she forget you!
Unlocks: Persuasive 66, an Admirer of Beauty (But no more than Persuasive 76)

bohogirl1small.png Actions for this Venture all occur in the Shuttered Palace. They are gathered on their own page.


Try a little advanced name-dropping

A risky strategy, this. Claiming connections with the powerful could lead to new opportunities, or it could backfire spectacularly. Mind what you say.
foxsmall.png [Unlocked with Persuasive 68]

Claim to know the Dean of Palaeomycology

The Dean is both a well-respected scientist and a man of extraordinary diffidence. He rarely leaves his laboratory except to hunt fossils in unsavoury places.

_ Persuasive challenge

Claim an acquaintance with the Ambassador

Everybody wants a place on the Ambassador's guest-lists. His parties are legendary, the refreshments even more so.

_ Persuasive challenge

Claim a friendship with Sinning Jenny

People are simply avid for details of her dalliances, but some feel a moral obligation to be shocked at the very mention of her name.

_ Persuasive challenge

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