Page From The Liber Visionis

Page from the Liber Visionis
A page torn from the 'Book of Faces', Benjamin Villein's menacing magnum opus.
sells at the Bazaar for 50 pennies

Clicking on the item in your Inventory (classified as "Curiosity") triggers this:

Examine the Page from the Liber Visionis

A crumpled page. Smeared print. The smell of formaldehyde. A diagram that widens your eyes. Can you really use this… technique… to change your face?


Yes. I want to change my face.

You are prepared for the necessary exercises. You will survive the inevitable nightmares. The next day you will be quite a different you.
[This will allow you to change your cameo, at the cost of some peace of mind.]



Consign it to the flames!

Let the filthy thing burn with all its filthy secrets! You will not be tempted.


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