Opening A Bundle Of Oddities
bagsmall.png Opening a Bundle of Oddities

Opening a bundle of oddities is a quality you can get from a variety of encounters. Once you have it, it gives you an auto-play encounter which gives you a random reward:


What's in the bundle?

Unwrap it and see…

(One randomly from the following. All are unlocked with "Opening a Bundle of Oddities is:"

Something dark (0 Actions)

A ball of wax. A whole ball of wax.

Something warm (0 Actions)

You can feel the pulses beneath the flimsy linen, like a tiny sleeping animal.

Something keening (0 Actions)

The package trembles under your fingers

Something to burn? (0 Actions)

Dry, crackling paper. Oil-cloth cover.

See here for a half-assed list of things you can get this from.

Note: if you manage to get more than one point of Opening a Bundle of Oddities, you only get one reward total. Claim your rewards before getting another bundle!

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