Old Bone Skeleton Key
keystonesmall.png Old Bone Skeleton Key It's a bit antiquated as lockpicking tools go, but this beautiful bit of ratwork craftsmanship marks you out as a connoisseur of criminality. [Use this to increase your Connected: Criminals quality up to 15, and beyond with Fate] - Buy at the Bazaar for 62.50 Echoes, sells for 57.50

Click on this item in your inventory to access:

Take your Old Bone Skeleton Key for a spin

Be recognised as a proper criminal.



Let it swing jauntily from your hand

Those in the know will understand what it is, if it shines bright enough.
Unlocked with 150 x Nevercold Brass Sliver, Connected: Criminals 10




Try it in a lock

Perhaps it'll be a door. Or a coffer, or a drawer. Anyway, the next time you see a tempting keyhole, try your luck. [This will always increase your Connected: Criminals quality. Other things might also happen.]
(A matter of luck: it could go either way.)


Requires 5 Fate

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