New Newgate Prison

Escape-proof? We''ll see about that.

Where is New Newgate Prison?

They built the Fifth City's prison in a stalactite the size of a fair-sized village. Food and prisoners come and go from the city far below in a dirigible. Any corpses reckoned beyond recovery are weighted with dripstone and allowed to plummet into the Unterzee, far below.

Why does the prison need so many candles?

New Newgate Prison uses a vast number of candles. It is rumoured that prisoners who can arrange for candles to be delivered can gain privileges or even an early release. It's almost as if they eat the things.

Sidebar text.

You start the game here and will return if your Suspicion hits 8. When you're first here, your object will be to learn about the mechanics of the game and, eventually, escape to Fallen London. Should you return, reducing your Suspicion or making a daring escape will return you to your Lodgings. Other opportunites may also arise.

Storylets and Opportunity Cards are different for the first and then all subsequent times you find yourself in New Newgate Prison. The following links will jump to a new page describing each situation.

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