Things to do at New Newgate Prison -- Again!

When you're found guilty, there's only one place they send you

What is New Newgate Prison?

The prison is carved into the body of an immense stalactite, clinging to the roof of the Bazaar''s cavern. Escape-proof? We''ll see about that.

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Back again, eh?

It doesn't matter whether you were guilty or framed or just in the wrong place at the wrong time. When your Suspicion Quality reaches 8, the Constables will find you and you'll find they are remarkably efficient at summary judgement and transporting you to New Newgate Prison.

What is New Newgate Prison like?

About the same as when you were there the first time: the same miserable dripstone cell, barred window and straw mattress; the same view of the lights of the Bazaar reflected in the dark waters of the Unterzee below. This time, however, you may find you have a few more friends here.

What can you do here?

Write to your lawyer. Bribe the gaolers. Behave and become less suspicious over time. Observe the goings on with an eye toward your eventual release or maybe find an opportunity to make a quick escape. Other opportunities may arise if you keep your eyes open, too.

the downsides: There is no access to the Bazaar from here. You lose all Casing… progress, and cards in hand.

How do I get out of here?

Storylets and opportunity cards will reduce your Suspicion, slowly, but at the cost of action points and possibly items or a reduction in your major Qualities. When your Suspicion Quality reaches 0, you will be able to return to your Lodgings. You may come across items that will help you make a quicker escape. You might also run across still more opportunities to leave New Newgate Prison quickly. Nearly every action here will increase your connections with Criminals and The Docks.

Storylets in New Newgate Prison — Again!


Contact your lawyer

Perhaps he can sort this mess out…

Pen a letter

You're not even sure it will reach your lawyer, but you can write with instructions for your appeal.
A matter of luck: it could go either way.



You are not without resources. There are corrupt gaolers and cunning prisoners in good supply here. Something can be worked out.

Appeal to a higher court

Perhaps it's just your destiny to be free. This will reduce your Suspicion to 0, and set you free.


Requires 7 Fate

Fate-locked content must not be placed on the wiki, per the developers.

Arrange for some booze

Favours can be arranged if you can get some wine smuggled into the prison. A great deal of wine as it happens: the prisoners have quite a thirst.
Unlocked with Greyfields 1879 50

Candles for the gaolers

The gaolers like candles a great deal. It seems that there is something in the prison that eats them.
Unlocked with Foxfire Candle Stub 50

A better breed of shiv

A Stuttering Fence is trying to obtain a Skyglass Knife for a client. He promises help in escaping in return.
Unlocked with 1 x Skyglass Knife


Prison life

If you're going to get out of here, you need to know what's going on.

Keep your nose clean

Maybe you should just keep your head down and do your time. That's the surest way forward.

Observing New Newgate

Keep your head down, and your eyes open. Perhaps you'll see something useful.

_ Watchful challenge

Opportunity Cards in New Newgate Prison — Again!

Some of these Opportunity Cards are red-bordered (indicated by Auto-Fire) which means they take effect when you select them.


A visit from a priest

A priest is visiting the prison, and encouraging inmates to admit their sins.

Lament your sins

It will make you feel better. Possibly.

Admit nothing

Silence is valued, here.


Promises of revenge

A Betrayed Lover asks your help. She promises assistance in escaping if you will get revenge on the Faithless Rake that sent her to prison.

The matters of the heart

Take her up on the offer.


Start a brawl

You're going to show these villains who is boss around here.

'Who among you would like some of this?!'

The traditional method is standing on a table in the mess hall and offering a general challenge.
(Dangerous challenge, straightforward at 45)


The Governor

You have been sent for by a Dapper Underworld Boss. The man is a powerful figure in the prison, and could make things difficult for you.

Having a little word

The Dapper Underworld Boss seeks interesting conversation regarding the world outside. It would be best to impress him.
(Persuasive challenge)


The Stuttering Fence

The Stuttering Fence is for the moment a fellow prisoner. Nevertheless, he is a nexus of underworld information.


If you have the connections, you could cash in some favours to help you get out of this place. The Stuttering Fence will be happy to facilitate.
Unlocked with Connected: Criminals 3

Look after him

He's popular with many of the street-criminals and dockers, but there's always someone with a grudge.
[Unlocked with Dangerous 10]


The talkative gaoler

Most of the hunched, shuffling gaolers have no interest in conversation. This one likes to talk, though. He suggests that they might keep you here a little longer for this visit.

Listen to his woes

Where did your life go so wrong that you are providing a sympathetic ear to a wretch like him?

A grass

Informing on the other prisoners will secure your immediate release. It will utterly ruin your reputation among your fellow criminals.


The Troubled Undertaker

The Troubled Undertaker is tasked with dealing with prisoners who really die. He could be a useful ally in trying to escape.

Helping with the dead

You could help out a bit with the cadavers and try to make a friend here.
(Persuasive challenge)


The Warden

You have been sent for by the prison warden.

The Snuffer

The warden has a problem. The gaolers are complaining of 'the Snuffer' - some kind of beast loose in the prison that eats their candles and occasionally them. The warden offers a little remission on your sentence if you deal with it.

_ Dangerous challenge


A Better Class of Villain

These people are scum. And not even decent scum. Ladybirds and shirkers all.

Spoken like a dragsman

You know a right diamond geezer, who'll show these macaroons how to gully a porker. Trouble is, they're on the Surface.


Scratched on the cell wall

The wisdom of countless occupants has been scratched on the walls of this cell….



Sent to the Treadmill

This is not an amusing way to pass the time…,



Starvation day

No food today. Perhaps they meant it that way.



The new cell

You are moved to a new cell for a time…

Unlocked with Prison Shiv 1


The passing dirigible

The prison dirigibles sometimes pass quite close to your window…

Unlocked with Prison Shiv 1


The Repentant Forger

You are sharing a cell with a Repentant Forger whose sentence is nearly done. You strike up a friendship, and the time passes a little more comfortably.

Strike up a friendship

It can be lonely in New Newgate.


The Screaming Prisoner

A prisoner is screaming. His mask has been torn off…



University of Crime

While you are here, it would be a shame not to pick up some new tricks from the old lags…

Unlocked with Connected: Criminals 2


Voice from the Oubliette

The tip of the prison stalactite holds an oubliette….



Volunteer for bilge duty

The depths of the prison get somewhat unhygienic…


Bronze-Bordered Opportunity Cards in New Newgate Prison — Again!

If you missed the opportunity to start certain stories when you began the game in New Newgate Prison they can reappear on subsequent visits.


A Note in the Gruel


New Newgate gruel is bitter stuff. But this pot of it seems worse than usual. Papery…

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When your Suspicion falls to zero…

When your Suspicion falls to zero, all storylets disappear and you are shown the following storylet.

The misty air of freedom!

You are out! Whether your freedom was due to a cunning escape or the work of your lawyers is now not important. What is important is that you're back in the Neath!
lodgingssmall.png You've moved to a new area: your Lodgings

If you have these items…

booksmall.png Lose: 1 x Dirigible schedule notes
noosesmall.png Lose: 1 x Rope of knotted rags

A Daring Escape

When you obtain the necessary items to make a Daring Escape, all storylets disappear and you are shown the following storylet.

The even more daring escape!

You arrange to 'die' in a knife fight, although the brute that 'kills' you is a little heavy-handed with his shiv. The Troubled Undertaker pronounces you dead, and your corpse is dropped to the Unterzee far below. You catch the rope you tied and lower yourself to the next dirigible that passes. You are free!
lodgingssmall.png You've moved to a new area: your Lodgings
knifetingsmall.png Wounds increase (1 change point)
newgatesmall.png You've lost a quality: Suspicion
booksmall.png Lose: 1 x Dirigible schedule notes
noosesmall.png Lose: 1 x Rope of knotted rags

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