Things to do at New Newgate Prison

An Inauspicious Beginning?

When you begin the game, you find yourself a prisoner in a cell in New Newgate Prison: a miserable dripstone cell with a barred window and a straw mattress but with and a magnificent view of the lights of the Bazaar reflected in the dark waters of the Unterzee below.

First card (automatic):


Hello, delicious friend. This is the story of YOUR adventures in Fallen London. Every step gives you a choice: every choice unlocks more stories. Make your first choice below…
[Unlocked with a stranger 2]

Tell me a little more before I start

I want to know about choices and Qualities.

Just let me dive in and explore!

I've done this sort of thing before. I can work it out as I go.

(Next, automatic:)

Unjustly imprisoned!

The view from your cell is magnificent: Fallen London, far below. You've come so far, and you're so close! No prison can hold you now.
[Unlocked with a stranger 1]

Recall where you are

Spend a little while admiring the view.
[Only shows up once, and only shows up if you chose the "Dive in and Explore" option above]

Concentrate on escaping!

Get out of here first. Worry about the view later.

(Next, automatic:)

How will you get through these bars?

You'll need some sort of tool to loosen them. How will you acquire it? This will determine your starting path through the story.

Don't worry - you can easily change it later.
[Unlocked with Preparing for a Daring Escape 1]

You're a Watchful gentleman

The gaolers use work gangs of prisoners to expand the prison tunnels. If you can spot an overlooked hammer and chisel…

_ Watchful Watchful challenge (20% per)

You're a Persuasive gentleman

You don't really know whether the gaoler is male or female under its thick hood. You're not even sure it's human. But you're very charming. Perhaps you can persuade it to give you a little gift.

_ Persuasive Persuasive challenge (20% per)

You're a Dangerous gentleman

Rats here sometimes use tiny pickaxes - even minute sticks of dynamite to make their tunnels. If you can grab some of their tools…

_ Dangerous Dangerous challenge (20% per)

You're a Shadowy gentleman

Steal a gaoler's iron-tipped cudgel, right out of its belt.

_ Shadowy Shadowy challenge (20% per)

Play the Storylets your Qualities have unlocked.


Escape from New Newgate Prison!

With a final struggle, you wrench the bars free, squeezing hastily through the window as the supply dirigible approaches…
[Unlocked with Preparing for a Daring Escape 4]

Escape to Watchmaker's Hill

You're tough enough to handle the Dangerous work at Watchmaker's Hill. Become the most feared gentleman in the city.

Escape to Spite

You've always been cunning and quick. You're going to make your fortune through Shadowy activities in Spite.

Escape to Veilgarden

Work? You? Wine and song and all the pleasures of the underworld now. Work later. It'll be easy for someone as Persuasive as you.

Escape to Ladybones Road

You're in this city to uncover its deepest mysteries. Ladybones Road is the best place to start: a place to be Watchful.

After escaping, you get one more auto-story, which is identical in each of the escape routes. Although it technically takes place in one of the four starting areas, I'm putting it here because it's always the same.

A thousand choices!

Now you're free, you have a much larger list of choices. When you click Onwards, you'll see a deck of cards. Click the deck to get a surprise story; click the choices below the deck for a more predictable experience. The more you play, the more you'll unlock…

Explore Fallen London

Grow wise, strong, cunning, rich…
[Free Action]

Old stuff

There's a lot of retired storylets here — see New Newgate Actions (retired).

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